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169404, TE Connectivity Crimp Tool Die for PIDG Splices/Terminals, Plasti-Grip Terminals Types, Wire size 22 → 10 AWG

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Stock Number: 817-331
Номер производителя: 169404
Производитель: TE Connectivity

* Цена с НДС справочная. Возможно ее увеличение на стоимость доставки по России и сертификации.

TE Connectivity CERTI-LOK Hand Crimp Tool Frame Assembly and Crimping Dies

CERTI-LOK hand crimp tool frame assembly (stock number 817-325) designed to accept dies that crimp PIDG, PLASTIGRIP and SOLISTRAND terminals onto wire. These dies must be purchased separately. This CERTI-LOK hand tool frame assembly has a straight action jaw closure and features a CERTI-LOK ratchet mechanism that stays locked until the handles of the crimp tool are fullly closed to ensure a complete crimp cycle is achieved, a ratchet release lever allows the crimp tool handles be opened when necessary. The ratchet of this CERTI-LOK hand crimp can also be adjusted to control the crimping height. An additional feature of this CERTI-LOK crimp tool is a locator which aids with contact positioning during crimping. The dies for this CERTI-LOK hand crimp tool are interchangeable. Each die assembly for this CERTI-LOK crimp tool consists of a stationary die and a moving die, each die assembly is divided into three separate crimping closures that are color-coded to match the color-coded terminal/splice for a given wire range. (Please see datasheets on our website for details).

Stock number 817-331 is a die set for crimping 20-10 AWG PIDG and PLASTI-GRIP terminals and PIDG "window" splices
Stock number 876-2214 is a die set for crimping 20-14 AWG PIDG terminals and splices
Stock number 373-308 is a die set for crimping 22-10 awg SOLISTRAND terminals and splices.
Stock number 876-2318 is a die set for crimping FASTON .250 receptacles with an 18-14 AWG wire size
A spare stabilizer for this CERTI-LOK hand crimp tool assembly is available, see stock number 876-2030


The tool is not suitable for use with lipped blades.
The die set (stock number 817-331) is NOT designed for red and yellow FASTON PIDG and PLASTI-GRIP receptacles. Attempts to use these products in this die set will break the stabilizer.


Approved DEF. STAN. 59-71 (Pt. 1)

TE Connectivity Hand Crimp Tools

Техническая спецификация
pdfC169400 Certllok Handtool Dimensional Drawing
pdfCERTI-LOK Hand Tool PIDG and PLASTI-GRIP Crimping Dies - Instruction Sheet

Размер провода:
22 → 10 AWG
Тип обжимного разъема:
PIDG Splices/Terminals, Plasti-Grip Terminals
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