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Wall Mounted Eyewash Dispenser, 250 ml

Цена за шт.
2652.05 руб. *
Stock Number: 311-7864
Номер производителя: 2010008
Производитель: W Sohngen

Срок поставки: 4-6 недель со склада из Европы


* Цена с НДС справочная в г. Екатеринбурге. В счете возможно увеличение цены на стоимость доставки и сертификации.

Eyewash, AQUA NIT® Box

The Aqua NIT Box wall mounting bracket means that it is always in a fixed location and can be easily removed and taken directly to the scene of the accident. This means there is always plenty of eye-wash available on ‑site, and unused bottles remain intact.
Plastic box 26 x 16 x 8 cm, with wall mounting bracket, orange, with white screen print labelling. With 4 ready-to-use Aqua NIT eye-wash bottles with 250 ml sterile water, and first-aid kit for eye injuries with DuOcul eye pads, eye patch, silk plaster strips, Dermotekt compresses 10 x 10 cm, med. single-use protective gloves.

Eyewash Stations - First Aid Eyewash Stations Note

Contents of First Aid kits are continually being updated and optimised by our suppliers. However, all kits will satisfy the requirements of premises and situations that they are designed to serve.
Additional Eyewash equipment is available in the Emergency showers section

Техническая спецификация

Мытье глаз - количество:
250 мл
Eyewash Bottle
Тип крепления:
Настенное крепление