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Brannan 11/421/0 Probe Cover, For Use With Infrared Ear Thermometer

Цена за 1 коробку (20 шт)
826.15 руб. *
Stock Number: 450-3345
Номер производителя: 11/421/0
Производитель: Brannan

Срок поставки: 4-6 недель со склада из Европы


* Цена с НДС справочная в г. Екатеринбурге. В счете возможно увеличение цены на стоимость доставки и сертификации.

Digital Ear Thermometer

Easy-to-use battery operated electronic ear thermometer.,Suitable for all ages, especially babies, young children and the elderly.

One second measuring time
Beeps when temperature reached
Illuminated display for easy reading
Display can be shown in either °C or °F
Automatically stores last 5 readings to monitor trends
Automatic power saving switch-off after 1 minute of non-use
Supplied with carrying case and set of disposable hygienic probe covers
Between 32°C and 43°C, accuracy is ≤0.3°C; otherwise ±1°C.
2 x AAA (supplied)
Spare probe covers available in packs of 20

Medical Thermometers

Техническая спецификация

Для использования с:
Infrared Ear Thermometer
Тип аксессуара:
Probe Cover