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XCB0302 G, RS Pro Xenon Beacon, Green, Flashing, DIN, 10 to 30 V dc, Маячок

Номер производителя: XCB0302 G Производитель: RS Pro
Цена за шт.
7064.75 руб. *

Срок поставки: 3-5 недель


* Цена с НДС справочная. Возможно ее увеличение на стоимость доставки по России и сертификации.

Xenon Beacons

These small profile xenon beacons have low power consumption and are ideal for 12/24 V applications. They are sealed units offering IP56 protection and are supplied with amber, red, blue or green lenses.

Fitting InformationEnsure that all beacons are fitted to the vehicle with the base parallel to the ground.
For the magnetic beacons, ensure that the surface is clean before fixing to provide a solid contact (maximum safe speed is 70 mph).
The DIN mount beacons have a mating plug in the base for electrical connection and a clamp to secure them to the DIN Mounting Stem. The clamp enables the beacon to be securely fastened when in use and then loosened for removal.
The DIN Mounting Stem is mounted through a hole and held in place with the two clamp nuts supplied. It has an electrical socket mounted in the top which can be unscrewed and wires attached.
Features and BenefitsLow power consumption
IP56 rated, sealed against dust and moisture
Reverse polarity protection
Flash rate 75 FPM
Magnetic versions are rated to 70 mph
Application InformationThese xenon beacons are suitable for mounting on utility vehicles, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles and fleet vehicles.


DIN or Flexi DIN beacons can only be mounted using the DIN mounting stem, which is available separately (stock no. 235-613).


EMC - meets the requirements for on and off-road applications covered by directives 95/54 and 89/336.

Supplied with

Lens and bulb

Xenon Strobe Warning
  • Disconnect and leave for 5 minutes before touching.

Техническая спецификация
pdfMachine Guarding and Safety Range Overview
pdfV10990 Xenon beacons Instruction Leaflet

IP рейтинг:
Вид монтажа:
Встречающиеся стандарты:
EMC (ECE R10), RoHS Compliant
Диаметр основания:
Лампа - тип:
Лампа в комплекте:
Максимальная температура:
Минимальная температура:
Напряжение питания:
10 → 30 В пост. тока
Потребление тока:
150 мА, 175 мА
Световые эффекты:
Специальные функции:
Low Profile & Compact Design
Тип тока:
Постоянный ток
Цвет корпуса:
Цвет линзы:
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