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HX-4C-5M, RS PRO 5m 4 Socket Type F - German Schuko Extension Lead, 230 V ac

Номер производителя: HX-4C-5MПроизводитель: RS PRO
Цена за шт.
1258.37 руб. *

Срок поставки: 3-5 недель


* Цена с НДС справочная. Возможно ее увеличение на стоимость доставки по России и сертификации.

RS Pro Extension Leads - Schuko plug

From RS Pro, a range of extension leads which are suitable for use in both the home and workplace. Multiple socket versions are available, depending on the requirements and are supplied with a fixed 2 m or 5 m cable. The applications from each extension lead can range from powering TV's and phone chargers. All the way up to powering multiple industrial machines or appliances. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

Features and Benefits

• Both 2 m and 5 m leads are available
• 4 or 6 socket versions are all available
• Low cost due to non added surge protection
• Extension for both domestic and industrial purposes
• Euro plug and sockets (Schuko)

What are extension leads?

An extension lead is a power distribution unit consisting of a number of sockets, sometimes also called a gang extension. When an extension is required, they are plugged into the mains through a lead and the sockets are able to individually power their respective plugs. This branches out the opportunity for mains sockets to power more than one device at a time. An extension lead would be used in various situations and environments, including in the workplace and domestically.

What is an extension lead used for?

Due the benefits of both extending the length and increased the sockets of a standard mains outlet. An extension lead has almost endless uses, as does an extension reel. It's impossible to list every use, but as an example, some of the applications listed below are common applications.

• Mobile phone chargers, including those with a USB connectivity
• Household entertainment (TVs, satellite boxes, routers etc)
• Industrial machines and equipment
• Office desks (Monitors, computers, phones)
• Any electrical device needed to be powered by the mains

Power Distribution For Desking & Racking Applications

Fully insulated interconnecting power distribution modules. Extension sockets to suit a variety of pruposes, from office planning to stage management.

Техническая спецификация
Длина шнура:
Европейский гармонизированный кодекс:
Индикатор питания:
Количество сокетов:
Номинал тока:
Номинальное напряжение:
230 В перем. тока
Со шнуром:
Тип гнезда:
Type F - German Schuko
Тип монтажа:
Свободное положение
Тип сетевого штекера:
CEE 7/7 German Schuko / French
Самовывоз со склада г. Екатеринбурга
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