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3-2199250-4, TE Connectivity TYPE C 3.6H Shield Finger

Номер производителя: 3-2199250-4Производитель: TE Connectivity
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TE Connectivity Scalable Spring Finger Contacts

Scalable spring finger contacts also known as shield fingers, grounding springs, universal ground contacts or clips for use in small PCB applications in various industries. These spring fingers are single contact SMT mounting internal connectors for providing grounding between a device and a PCB and shielding against EMI noise and static. Scalable spring fingers use a common footprint which allows easy design changes from one working height to another without requiring any extra space on the PCB. These spring fingers feature sidewalls to prevent the springs from being tangled with operator gloves and to prevent deflection during PCB transfer. A dimple on the contact enhances the contact force and PCB soldering holes increase solder strength and prevent wicking. A pick and place area on the contact allows automated assembly. The compact size of these spring fingers offers PCB space saving and allows for versatile PCB layouts. These spring finger contacts are available in 3 different styles; Type A (part numbers 2199248-X), Type B (part numbers 2199249-X) and Type C (part numbers X-2199250-X)

Features and Benefits

Provides grounding between a device and PCB
Prevents EMI noise and static
Scalable design for design versatility
Side protection walls
Dimple on contact for increased contact force
PCB soldering holes for increased solder strength
Pick and place area for automated assembly
Compact size for PCB space saving


These scalable spring fingers are suitable for use in a wide range of PCB applications in various industries.
Consumer devices; digital cameras, mobile phones, games consoles, desktop computers, notebooks and tablets
Industrial and automotive; Security cameras, POS scanners, satellite radios and GPS devices.
Medical; patient monitoring devices, fitness equipment and wearable devices

Техническая спецификация
pdfType C Scalable Spring Fingers - Line Drawing
pdfScalable Spring Fingers - Brochure
Copper Alloy
Метод крепления:
Surface Mount
Номинал тока:
Покрытие контактов:
3.45 x 1.5 x 3.6mm
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