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AL415C, Protecta Rope Lanyard 1.5m

Номер производителя: AL415CПроизводитель: Protecta
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Protecta Braided Rope Safety Lanyard

The Protecta braided rope safety lanyard is the excellent solution to the connecting element in a restraining system. These lanyards are designed without any shock absorbers, making them ideal for positioning and restraining. The lanyard stops a user from moving into an area where there is a risk of falling. The braided rope is durable and flexible plus made from polyamide is a strong restraint. Safety stitching, sewn terminations and heat shrink tubing protection all give you added protection. It’s comes in various lengths making it available to suit your specific needs.

Features and Benefits

Reduces the risk of falling
Manufactured from Polyamide
Identification thread
Identification label
10.5 mm diameter
Sewn terminations with heat shrink tube protection
Colour is white
Various lengths available
Breaking strength 2200 daN

Alternative Lengths

Stock number 123-6172. Part Number AL410C. Length 1 m
Stock number 123-6173. Part Number AL415C. Length 1.5 m
Stock number 123-6174. Part Number AL420C. Length 2 m


When should fall arrest lanyards be used?

Protection from fall hazards whenever the working height is more than 6 feet or more. When working on a scaffold, the height requirement for fall protection is 10 feet.

How often should fall arrest lanyards be checked?

This equipment should be inspected under the requirements of Regulation 12 of the Working at Heights Regulations 2005, which is the recommended inspection of 6 months.

Техническая спецификация
pdfFall Arrest Guide
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