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USB1000IP, Startech 1 Port RJ45 Device server

Номер производителя: USB1000IPПроизводитель: Startech
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USB1000IP USB Over ip Device Server

This Gigabit USB-over-IP device server offers a simple and convenient way to extend and share a USB device over long distances, and it works with multiple users connected to your network. Plus, the device server supports Gigabit (1000Mbps) speeds, so your connected devices function faster than traditional 10/100Mbps device servers.

The versatile device server connects directly to your PC, or it works with your existing network devices (for example, hubs, routers, switches) so it can easily integrate into your current network infrastructure. It’s ideal for connecting and sharing USB devices (for example, card readers, digital cameras, webcams, printers, and scanners) with multiple networked users. Plus, you can use multiple device servers on the same network, letting you connect and share even more USB peripherals.

The USB-over-IP device server includes Windows based software that provides a simple interface to connect, monitor, and control the connected device over your local area network (LAN). Plus, the software communicates directly with the device server, so it can be used in Virtual Machine (VM) environments if you have multiple VMs sharing the same set of hardware.

The USB1000IP is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Features & Benefits

• Up to 30MBps transfer rate — the same as a direct connection to a PC USB port
• Supports Gigabit and 10/100Mbps speeds (auto-detection)
• Supports Auto-MDIX
• Includes Windows based software to monitor and control your connected device
• Supports multiple device servers on the same network
• Supports USB 2.0 combo devices such as Multi-function printers
• Compatible with USB OHCI / UHCI / EHCI
• Automatic connection to device after reboot supported
• Complies with High-Speed USB 2.0 specifications
• Support for 10/100Mbps or Gigabit Ethernet provides a flexible solution for virtually any network
• Automatically connect to your device after a reboot, to save time and hassle
• Connects your USB 2.0 devices over your network at full USB 2.0 speeds, for cost saving and convenient device sharing


• Share a mass storage device (external hard drive) across multiple users on your IP network.
• Allow users to share access to digital photography equipment over the network in image editing/graphic design environments.
• Perfect for sharing a printer, fax machine or scanner to multiple users.
• Functions as a USB extender to enable USB serial adapters to be connected in remote areas of industrial or medical environments.
• Extend a high resolution webcam over a standard network for connection by multiple users.

What’s in the package?

• Gigabit USB IP Device Server
• Universal Power Adapter (US/UK/EU)
• Driver CD
• User Manual

Техническая спецификация
pdfUSB1000IP Datasheet
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