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BeagleBone AI

Development kits are most commonly a set of software tools which enables it's users the creation for a certain software package, software framework, hardware platform, computer system, video game console, operating system, or similar development platforms. presents this innovative BeagleBone AI which has been designed to fill the gap between small SBC’s (Single Board Computers) and more powerful SoC (System on Chip), with the added functionality of the BeagleBone Black header and mechanical compatibility. This development kit gives it's customers the opportunity to easily explore the expanding field which is artificial intelligence. The BeagleBone AI allows it's users to discover how AI can be used in everyday life via it's TI C66x DSP cores (digital-signal-processor) and EVE cores (embedded-vision-engine).

Built on the already proven and reliable this, open-source, Linux-based computer board is ideal for electronics engineers and hobbyists.

Key Board Features

• BeagleBone Black mechanical and header compatibility.
• USB Type-C for power and superspeed dual-role controller; and USB Type-A host.
• Micro HDMI.
• Zero-download out-of-box software experience with Debian GNU/Linux.
• Gigabit Ethernet, 2.4/5GHz WiFi, and Bluetooth.
• Board Dimensions: 89 mm x 54 mm x 15 mm

The Processor

The BeagleBone AI uses a uniquely designed AM5729 Sitara processor which helps carry out multiple tasks for increased device usability. The processor includes various cores that work in tandem to complete an impressive product:

• Dual 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A15 with out-of-order speculative issue 3-way superscalar execution pipeline for the fastest execution of existing 32-bit code.
• 2x C66 Floating-Point VLIW DSP supported by OpenCL.
• 4x Embedded Vision Engines (EVEs) supported by TIDL machine learning library.
• 2x Dual-Core Programmable Real-Time Unit (PRU) subsystems (4 PRUs total) for ultra-low-latency control and software-generated peripherals.
• 2x Dual ARM® Cortex®-M4 co-processors for real-time control.
• IVA-HD subsystem with support for 4K @ 15fps H.264 encode/decode and other codecs @ 1080p60.
• Vivante® GC320 2D graphics accelerator.
• Dual-Core PowerVR® SGX544™ 3D GPU.


The BeagleBone AI includes 1GB RAM and 16GB onboard eMMC flash. There is further opportunity to increase this products memory as the board is equipped with a microSD connector. (N.B. The MicroSD Card is not included with this product.)

What's included? and what else will you need?

The BeagleBone AI comes packaged with a quick start guide to help its customers get started as quickly as possible, developers can get up and running in 5 minutes with no microSD card needed. BeagleBone AI comes preloaded with a Linux distribution

You will need to purchase:

USB C cable or USB C to USB A cable.
MicroSD Card. (optional)
You may also want a fan to connect your BeagleBone AI to. (optional)

Supported Operating Systems

• Debian

Software Compatibility

• GNU/ Lunux

Looking for Inspiration?

This product opens a world of opportunity to its users, offering the functionality to explore multiple subjects. If you're stuck for ideas, the BeagleBoard website has a vast range of community-supported resources to spark your imagination:

Техническая спецификация
pdfBeagleBone AI - Quick Start Guide
pdfBeagleBone AI - Specification Sheet
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