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180555-1054, Molex LED Mount for Lumileds LUXEON, Similar LUXEON COB Arrays 50 x 6.7mm

Номер производителя: 180555-1054Производитель: Molex
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Molex SlimRay™ Pre-Wired LED Array Holders for Lumileds LUXEON

SlimRay™ pre-wired LED array holders with a low profile stepped design for use with Lumileds LUXEON and similar next generation COB arrays. These SlimRay™ LED array holders feature pre-wired high pressure gold plated crimped terminals that eliminate the need for hand soldering and resultant damage to the COB during the process and a robust reflective white thermoplastic connector housing to promote light output. Additonal features of these SlimRay™ LED array holders include an LED Chip-on-Board (COB) pre-hold feature that allows the LED array to be fitted to the holder during final assembly, a flat-top surface with integrated bevel that surrounds the LES that provides seating for the optics and aids light output and a simple screw mount attachment for securing to a heatsink. Typical applications for these SlimRay™ pre-wired Lumileds LUXEON LED array holders include general illumination eg downlighting and spotlighting and area lighting eg roadways and carparks

Техническая спецификация
pdfSlimRay LED array holder, 28 x 28mm,2.5m
pdfSlimRay LED Holders Luxeon
Для использования с:
Lumileds LUXEON, Similar LUXEON COB Arrays
50 x 6.7мм
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