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GA257L, Castle L Sound Level Meter 69 → 143 dB With RS Calibration

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76725.00 руб. *

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Stock Number: 921-3097
Номер производителя: GA257L
Производитель: Castle

* Цена с НДС справочная. Возможно ее увеличение на стоимость доставки по России и сертификации.

Castle GA257L Sonus Class 2 Data-logging Personal Sound Exposure (Dose) Meter

Castle GA257L is designed for industrial safety officers and safety managers, for compliance with ’The Control of Noise at Work regulations 2005’, and is especially suited for users who move around in the execution of their work. It is fully compliant with European and International standards. The GA257L is supplied with dBdataPro LITE PC software for downloading data from the instrument.

Multiple file saving using on board Flash memory
Dual channel measurements for Lp and Leq
Simultaneous measurement of Lp, Leq, Apeak or Cpeak or Zpeak, Lep,d, LAE, Dose, Dose / Hour and Pa2H
Channel Independent Frequency Weighting Selection ’A’, ’C’ or ’Z’
Channel independent Time weighting selection ’Slow’ or ’Fast’
Sound pressure (Lp) to 0.1dB resolution
Integrated equivalent level (Leq) measurement
Personal sound exposure level (Lep,d)
Single event sound exposure level (LAE)
Noise dose%, noise dose per hour%, pascal squared hours
Apeak, Zpeak or Cpeak – maximum Frequency weighted peak level
Elapsed time (running time hrs, min, sec)
Interval period
Over Load and Under Range indication
Housed in tough, crack-resistant ABS plastic


IEC 61252:1993

Supplied with

dBdataLITE PC software

Sound Meters

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