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CO0884, RS PRO 10m Power Cable, CEE 7/7, Schuko to CEE 7/7, Schuko, 16 A, Кабель

Номер производителя: CO0884Производитель: RS PRO
Цена за шт.
7527.80 руб. *

Срок поставки: 4-6 недель


* Цена с НДС справочная. Возможно ее увеличение на стоимость доставки по России и сертификации.

RS PRO Power Cable CEE 7/7 Plug & Socket

Brought to you by RS PRO, a range of power cables suitable for various applications. Fully equipped with safety clips and a H07RN-F 3G 1.5 mm² cable, this power cords are an excellent addition to electrical applications. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

Features and Benefits

• Integral 16 A rated lead
• Female to male
• Right angle orientation
• Schuko plug to Schuko socket
• 5 m - 25 m length cables

Available in this Range

• Stock No. 296-179 is a 5 m extension lead
• Stock No. 116-108 is a 10 m extension lead
• Stock No. 116-091 is a 15 m extension lead
• Stock No. 296-185 is a 25 m extension lead

What is a power cable?

Power cables can be defined as any lead which provides power from a mains outlet or wall socket to a device or appliance such as laptops or power supplies. A reliable and durable power lead is essential to maintaining a consistent electrical connection. Found sparingly within any home or workplace, these cables are a necessity for any standard electronic application.

What types of power cables are there?

hese RS PRO power leads are Schuko male to female. But there are various types available throughout the range, with euro or UK 3 pin plugs. As an example, some types of different connectors you will find are:

• C14 and C13 - A common occurence for laptop and computer power supplies
• C7 and C8 (figure 8) - See RS Stock Number - 909-2168
• IEC power and extension cables

IEC and International Leads

A range of electrical appliance connecting leads, the majority of which are terminated with connectors that conform to IEC 60320. The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is the international standards and conformity assessment body. The drawing illustrates the range of connector types offered within this section - The 'odd' 'C' numbers refer to a socket type connector - mains input - and the 'even' 'C' numbers refer to a plug type connector - the appliance inlet.

Техническая спецификация
Разъем A:
CEE 7/7
Разъем A Угол:
Разъем B:
Разъем B род:
Разъем B тип:
CEE 7/7
Разъем B Угол:
Правый угол
Разъем А род:
Разъем А тип:
CEE 7/7
Цвет оболочки:
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