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632-DA, RS PRO Medium Duty Latching Clipper Foot Switch - Cast Iron Case Material, SP-CO, 20 A @ 125 V ac Contact Current, 250V, Ножной выключатель

Номер производителя: 632-DAПроизводитель: RS PRO
Цена за шт.
10980.10 руб. *

Срок поставки: 4-6 недель


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RS PRO Clipper Cast Iron Foot Switch

RS PRO foot switch is manufactured from robust cast iron and has SPDT contacts. This foot controller pedal is black in colour and designed with an ergonomic shape. It can be mounted securely to the floor or on equipment for extra protection. This foot switch is ideal for medium duty electrical devices which includes material handling and operating communication equipment.
This range includes:
116-928- Momentary SPDT, Twin
116-732 - Maintained SPDT, Single

Foot switches are commonly used on large machinery were hand operated switches are a safety concern. RS PRO offers a range of footswitches and accessories to meet your requirements. The range has been RS approved meaning great value for money and high-quality you can rely on.

Features and Benefits:

Contact rating 20A 125-250Vac
Rugged cast iron housing for strength and durability
Anti-skid base for stability
Available in single and twin versions
Twin version (116-928) has a divider bar to prevent accidental operation of both pedals simultaneously
Ingress protection rating IP20
Fixing holes for floor or equipment mounting

Typical Applications

Foot switches are commonly used in applications where hands-free control is more practical or safer. They can be found on:
Industrial machinery and smaller power tools
Hospital beds
Dentist Chairs

What are the different types of switching options?
Switches are components that switch a circuit on or off by making contact or breaking contact, the two most common are:
Non-latching (Momentary) – this type of foot switch makes contact when you push it but breaks contact when you release it.
Latching (Maintained) – this type of foot switch needs to be pressed once for ON and again for OFF

Why would you use a footswitch?
As these switches are operated by the person’s feet, this means that their hands are free so therefore allows the individual to multitask.


EN 60529

Supplied with

Adjustable strain relief clamp.

Техническая спецификация
pdfRS Pro Datasheet
IP рейтинг:
Конфигурация контактов:
Корпус материал:
Номинальное напряжение контакта AC:
Номинальный ток контакта:
20 A при 125 В перем. тока
Работа выключателя:
115.87 x 87.71 x 45.24мм
Среда выключателя:
Medium Duty
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