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048218 & P3-63/V/SVB, Eaton 3 Pole Rear Panel 63A Maximum Current, 37kW Power Rating, IP65

Номер производителя: 048218 & P3-63/V/SVBПроизводитель: Eaton
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Eaton Rear of Panel Mounted Switch Disconnectors

Switch disconnectors are used to isolate electrical equipment before any essential maintenance or repair work can be completed. Switch disconnectors ensure electrical circuits are de-energized safely in accordance with the electricity at work regulations. Engineers and electricians are then able to carry out the necessary works without any electrical risks.
From Eaton, the P and T range of switch disconnectors provides safe switching, isolating and control. Robust and reliable the high-performance devices are used primarily in industrial and engineering applications. With the added IP65 ingress protection rating they are ideal for use in harsh environments or applications that require extra protection.

Features and Benefits

• Compact and durable
• Clear position indication
• Padlockable in the OFF position with up to 3 x 8 mm padlocks
• Rear mounting, easily and quickly fitted on to DIN rail or a base plate
• P series switches can be mounted in electrical cabinets or enclosures up to 400mm deep with an additional extension shaft


The Eaton P series of manually operated switch disconnectors are used in a wide range of industrial applications and installations. Some of the most common are

• Machine control panels
• Isolation of circuit breakers
• Transformers and transmission lines
• Switchgear panels
• Distribution panels
• Consumer units


Q: Are there any accessories available?
A: Yes, there are several accessories available for the P series of disconnectors. They include the following
Extended shaft kits
• Part number 323-173 is an extended shaft kit for 20, 25 and 32A disconnect switches. They are 25mm long and up to 4 can be connected if required.
• Part number 323-189 is an extended shaft kit for 63,85 and 100A disconnect switches. They are 25mm long and up to 4 can be connected if required.
Neutral blocks
• Part number 333-495 for a 3 pole 25A add-on neutral block
• Part number 333-502 for a 3 pole 32A add-on neutral block
• Part number 333-518 for a 3 pole 63A add-on neutral block
Contact Blocks
• Part number 333-546 for a NO/NC 10A auxiliary contact block for the rear of the panel switch disconnectors. Maximum 2 blocks per switch

Техническая спецификация
pdfInstruction Leaflet Isolator Switches
pdfP3-63/V/SVB Datasheet
Вспомогательные контакты доступны:
Класс переключателя:
Количество полюсов:
Максимальный ток:
Мощность номинальная:
Номинальное напряжение:
440V ac
Нормальное состояние конфигурации:
Рабочая температура - максимальная:
Рабочая температура - минимальная:
Сброс конфигурации:
Степень защиты IP:
Тип клеммы:
Тип монтажа:
Rear Panel
Цвет рукоятки:
Электрическая фаза:
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