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Aim-TTi PSA-ANT2 Spectrum Analyser Antenna, For Use With PSA S2 & S5 T

Номер производителя: PSA-ANT2 Производитель: Aim-TTi
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* Цена с НДС справочная. Возможно ее увеличение на стоимость доставки по России и сертификации.

Aim-TTi PSA1301T 1.3GHz and PSA2701T, 2.7GHz Portable Spectrum Analyser

Frequency range 150kHz to 1300MHz (PSA1301T); 1MHz to 2700MHz (PSA2701T)
Full colour TFT screen, 480 x 320 pixels
Highly compact handheld format weighing less than 500 grams
Integrated tilt stand for bench top use
Fully adjustable centre frequency and span in 1kHz steps
Choice of centre plus span or start plus stop setting
Zero span mode with AM and FM audio demodulation
Resolution bandwidths of 280kHz or 15kHz (PSA1301T); 1MHz, 280kHz, 15kHz (PSA2701T)
-93dBm typical noise floor, -20 or 0dBm reference level
Sweep modes of continuous, single, peak hold and average
Twin markers with readout of frequency and amplitude plus difference values
Smart marker movement with selectable peak finding
Unlimited storage for waveforms, set-ups and fully annotated screens under user defined file names
Easy data transfer to PC for analysis, documentation and printing
Up to 4 hours continuous system operation from full charge, selectable auto switch-off to conserve power
Integrated handheld computer providing word processing, spreadsheets, appointments diary, graphics viewing, web, email, etc.
Handheld computer can be removed for stand-alone use when required
Large range of third party programs available including many for engineering, science and mathematics

Display Type 3.7" (9.4 cm) backlit colour TFT, 480 x 320 pixels (half VGA)
Waveform Area 300 x 320 pixels (320 samples), 8 x 10 division graticule
Waveform Traces Live trace and Reference trace (selectable) in different colours
Default Annotations Centre Freq., Span (or Start + Stop), Ref. Level, RBW, Marker Frequencies, Marker Amplitudes, Sweep type, Attenuator setting
Control Choice of Hard Key or Touch Screen control for all functions
Frequency Range 150kHz to 1300MHz (PSA1301T), 1MHz to 2699MHz (PSA2701T)
Setting Modes Centre + Span, or Start + Stop, or Zero span with demodulation
Setting Resolution 1kHz (6.5 digits maximum)
Span 320kHz to 1299.85MHz or zero span (PSA1301T); 1MHz to 2699MHz or zero span (PSA2701T)
Frequency Stability ± 10 ppm ± 3 ppm/year
Markers Single or dual markers, differentiated by colour
Marker Modes Manual scroll or automatic peak finding
Marker Accuracy 0.3% of span ± 0.1kHz
Demodulation AM/FM selectable (zero span mode), variable level output
Displayed Amplitude Range 80dB (10dB/div) or 40dB (5dB/div with vertical panning)
Marker Resolution 0.1dB
Reference Level Reference Level Selectable as -20dBm or 0dBm
Linearity and Accuracy Linearity <±1dB, Reference level accuracy <±2dB
Noise Floor Average displayed noise floor better than -90dBm (ref. level -20dBm, RBW 15kHz)
Sweep Modes Continuous, Single, Peak Hold, or Average (2 to 256 sweeps)
Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) 280kHz or 15kHz (PSA1301T); 1MHz, 280kHz or 15kHz (PSA2701T)
Storage Capability
Trace Storage Storage for unlimited number of traces with user filenames
Set-up Storage Storage for unlimited number of set-ups with user filenames
Screen Storage The whole screen area can be stored as a bitmap for printing or viewing. Unlimited number of screens with user filenames
RF Input SMA connector, 50Ω impedance; VSWR 1.5:1 typical
Audio Out 3.5mm phones jack for demodulated audio
USB Through Mini USB socket giving direct access to USB of the handheld computer
Power Input 1.3mm power jack for external power and recharging
Handheld Computer Type Palm T|X, 312MHz Intel Xscale processor, 128MB Flash Memory, 480x320 portrait/landscape screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, SD/SDIO or MMC card expansion, compatibility with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.
Power Sources
Battery Operation Internal NiMh batteries giving typically 4 hours operation
External Power External power supply/charger, 100V to 240V universal input
Size and Weight 169 x 97 x 47mm, 480g
Safety and EMC Complies with EN61010-1 and EN61326
Supplied with

Palm T|X handheld computer, mains adaptor/charger, USB lead, SD memory card, memory card reader, support CD and instruction manuals.

Handheld Spectrum Analysers

Техническая спецификация
pdfWideband telescopic antenna Data Sheet

Для использования с:
PSA S2 & S5 T
Тип аксессуара:
Wideband Telescopic Antenna
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