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RS PRO, Silica Gel

Производитель: RS PRO
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RS PRO Silica Gel Desiccant

RS PRO silica gel desiccant comes in the form of hard irregular shaped crystals. The material is designed to absorb moisture from air, gases and liquids to prevent the relative humidity (RH) rising to a point when corrosion, fungal growth and optical smearing will occur.

Humidity indicating desiccators are hygroscopic (tendency to absorb moisture from the air) substances that protect against dampness, corrosion and contamination. The irregularly shaped particles absorb moisture without changing form or appearing wet. The material is inert to most chemicals and therefore will not induce corrosion. Due to its extremely hygroscopic nature contact with bulk liquid water should be avoided.

Can be used in packaging and transportation of electrical, electronic and mechanical components, communication equipment, adjacent to metallic structures, cable joints and hygroscopic powders.

RS PRO silica gel desiccant are an essential component for any device or equipment susceptible to moisture attack and ideal for a range of packaging requirements.

The following sizes are available:
601-041 – 10g, Moisture Absorption (50%RH, 25⁰C) Min. 25%, Sachet Size: 50 x 100mm
601-057 – 50g, Moisture Absorption (50%RH, 25⁰C) Min. 25%, Sachet Size: 85 x 130mm
601-063 – 100g, Moisture Absorption (50%RH, 25⁰C) Min. 25%, Sachet Size: 85 x 165mm

Product Features:

Controls humidity levels within small containers
Conforms to BS2540 and CPU/CON/250-1
Each box contains 50 sachets of gel, each packed in a permeable membrane
Ease of use in sachet form and range of sizes
Chemical inertness - only affected by hydrofluoric acid and strong alkalis
They will not control temperature
Available in 3 sizes

Typical Applications

Humidity indicating desiccants have found widespread use in various industries including:
Radar instrumentation
Hydraulic systems


What is humidity indicating desiccants used for?
Can be used to protect goods in containers against moisture damage.

How much Silica Gel do I need to use?
There are various factors to consider when calculating the necessary amount of Silica Gel. Please click on the Installation Instruction manual for more details.

Техническая спецификация
pdfInstallation Instruction Manual
pdfRS Pro Datasheet
pdfSilica Gel Desiccant (EN - SDS)
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Silica Gel
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