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RS Pro Cutting Hand-Driven Machine

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88862.40 руб. *

Срок поставки: 4-6 недель

Stock Number: 607-134
Номер производителя: PM-1
Производитель: RS Pro

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Component Lead, Cut/Bend Machine, Hand Driven

A component lead cut and bend machine for the mass production of pre-formed components
The machine has high carbon steel cutting wheels designed for cutting copper leads
Accepts bandoliered components mounted on a 5mm pitch and includes a real holder for feeding components directly off a reel into the machine
The machine has a strong steel and aluminium frame construction, and can be mounted on a plinth (supplied) to give sufficient height for the operating handle to be turned freely in any mounted position (mounting bolts and nuts are provided)
Cut and bend setting is very straightforward with scales on the machine to set lead pitch and length of down lead
The range of allowable component settings is given in the drawing
Full instructions are included with the machine
The machine is capable of handling 40000 components per hour, typical life 2 million components; however this life will be reduced for components with steel lead e.g. some diodes
For safety in operation the cut and bend mechanism is fully guarded with a bandolier tape separator to prevent jamming
Dimensions (mm); H.175 (with plintstrong50), W.200 x D.165, Wt. 4.2kg
PCB Assembly Equipment

Техническая спецификация
pdfComponent Lead Cut and Bend Machine

Диапазон длины изгиба:
Минимум 1.2мм
Диапазон длины разреза:
4 → 13мм
Диапазон используемых диаметров вывода:
0.4 → 1мм
Максимальная длина реза:
Максимальная емкость ведущего диаметра:
Минимальная длина изгиба:
Минимальная длина реза:
Минимальная емкость ведущего диаметра:
Тип задачи:
Bending, Cutting
Тип инструмента:
Hand-Driven Machine
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