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90546-2, TE Connectivity Crimp Tool Die for Universal MATE-N-LOK Types, Wire size 20 → 14 AWG

Номер производителя: 90546-2 Производитель: TE Connectivity
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27741.45 руб. *

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TE Connectivity PRO-CRIMPER III Hand Crimping Tool for Universal MATE-N-LOK Contacts

PRO-CRIMPER III hand crimping tools for crimping Universal MATE-N-LOK contacts. This Mate-N-Lok PRO-CRIMPER III hand crimping tool features an adjustable ratchet that ensures a full crimp cycle is achieved, a ratchet release mechanism, a locator for accurate contact postioning, an angled head for a comfortable hand/wrist position and cushioned handles.
Stock number 782-9117 crimps size12 AWG and size 10 AWG Universal MATE-N-LOK contacts with a 5.08mm wire insulation.
Stock number 782-1104 crimps size 20-18 AWG and size 16-14 AWG Universal MATE-N-LOK contacts with a 1.52 to 3.30mm wire insulation.
Stock number 782-1113 crimps size 20-18 AWG and size 16-14 AWG Universal MATE-N-LOK contacts with a 3.30 to 5.08mm wire insulation.
Stock number 782-9108 crimps size 24-22 and size 20-18 AWG Universal MATE-N-LOK contacts with a 1.02 to 2.54mm wire insulation.
Stock number 361-9584 is a spare die assembly for crimp tool 782-1113
Stock number 849-120 is a spare die assembly for crimp tool 782-1104
Stock number 849-136 is a spare die assembly for crimp tool 782-9108

TE Connectivity Universal MATE-N-LOK™ Range

Fully polarised plug/receptacle couplings
Housings positively lock together
Pin and socket contacts intermixable in the same housing
Safe handling of mated and unmated connectors
Wide range of sizes and wire acceptance
Quality ratchet operated comfort grip crimp tooling available
6.35mm (0.25in.) pitch
To convert to IP Splashproof rating, order sealing accessories see typically stock no. 366-1901

Universal power coupling and power to board connectors feature established reliability and ruggedness for many industrial applications.
Recommended panel thickness 0.76 to 2.28

Current rating (A) max:
Free plugs/receptacles 15
PCB headers 12
Voltage rating (Vac/dc) 600
Dielectric withstand voltage (kV) 5
Between circuits (kV) 10
Insulation resistance (MΩ) 1000
Contact resistance (mΩ) max 3.5
Temp. range (°C) -55 → +105
Mating cycles 50
Insulation material UL94V-2 Natural polyamide
Insulation material UL94V-0 White opaque Nylon 6.6
Contact material Brass, tin plated
Contact material (vertical header) Phosphor bronze, Tin plated

Техническая спецификация
pdfDie Set 20-14 AWG and Pro Crimper II Instructions
pdfDie Sets for Crimp Frame RS stock no. 849-114

Размер провода:
20 → 14 AWG
Pro-Crimper III
Тип обжимного разъема:
Universal MATE-N-LOK
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