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Fluke Fluke 154 INTL Multi Function Calibrator HART Upgrade, For Use With Fluke 720 Series HART Cablibration &

Номер производителя: Fluke 154 INTLПроизводитель: Fluke
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581392.00 руб. *

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Fluke 154 INTL HART Calibration Assistant

The Fluke 154 INTL is a standalone tablet based HART communication tool. The tablet configured with the Fluke HART mobile app uses a wireless HART modem that connects directly to the HART transmitter being tested or configured. Combining a Fluke 154 Calibration Assistant with a Fluke 750 Series Documenting Process Calibrator, or with a 720 Series Multifunction Process Calibrator, creates a complete HART calibration and configuration solution. An Android-based tablet user interface makes HART configuration easy. For remote communication, the external wireless modem allows connection of the modem to the transmitter being tested. This allows wirelessly communication with the device from up to 76 m distance, eliminating the need for technicians to stand next to the device and allowing them to work from a safer, more convenient location.

Features and Benefits

Full HART Device Description (DD) support of all HART devices
Configure HART devices
Perform HART trim on HART devices when used with a Fluke 750, or 720 series calibrator
Monitor device PV, SV, TV, QV and other measured HART variables
Quarterly HART DD updates for free
Convenient wireless connectivity to wireless HART modem
Easy to use, fast connect and view HART data
Store HART device configurations to PDF or Text file
Long range wireless communication up to 76 m (250 ft)


The calibration assistant includes a configurable connection cable that accepts either hook clips for connecting to wires or extended tooth alligator clips designed to connect to transmitter connection screw heads. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery is designed to last for several days of device testing and configuration under normal conditions.

Supplied with

Tablet, tablet charger and USB micro-cable, Fluke HART app (installed), HART modem, USB mini-cable, proof of purchase for product activation, hook test clips, alligator clips, magnetic hanging strap, case, manual (installed on tablet)

Техническая спецификация
pdfContains SVHC - 1,3-propanesultone - CAS No. 1120-71-4
Для использования с:
Fluke 720 Серия HART Cablibration & Configuration Solutions, Fluke 750 Серия HART Cablibration & Configuration Solutions
Тип аксессуара:
HART Cablibration Assistant
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