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BK Precision XLN8018-GL Bench Power Supply With UKAS Calibration, 1 Output 0 → 80V 0 → 18A, Блок питания

Номер производителя: XLN8018-GLПроизводитель: BK Precision
Цена за шт.
369600.00 руб. *

Срок поставки: 3-5 недель


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B&K Precision Model XLN8018-GL Programmable DC Power Supply

B&K Precision model XLN8018-GL is a high current programmable DC power supply with single output up to 1440 watts (0-80 V/18 A). With a 16-bit D/A, A/D converter embedded, the XLN8018-GL comes with the resolution of 1 mV in voltage setting and 1 mA in current setting. By connecting up to four XLN high current models in parallel or series, a maximum power output up to 5760 watts can be generated.
A rotary control knob and numerical and function keys make the instrument convenient and easy-to-use. The power supply provides a memory space for storage of 10 instrument settings that can be recalled directly. This feature offers an easy way to restore the application settings. Users can program to control when to cut off the output - this feature provides extra safety for burn-in and electroplating applications. The XLN8018-GL also provides overvoltage protection (OVP), overcurrent protection (OCP) and over power protection (OPP) to keep the output voltage and current within safety level and prevent damage to the UUT (Unit Under Test) due to excessive current. The key lock feature avoids accidental setting changes. When the input power and the load change, the power supply maintains a stable output because of load and line regulation of less than 0.05% (the transient time less than 1 ms). In remote mode, the XLN8018-GL can output a new voltage/current setting 50 ms after receiving a command, which can increase the throughput on production lines.

Features and Benefits

Compact, high density, 1U package
USB, GPIB and LAN interfaces
External analog programming interface
List mode: execute test sequences with up to 150 steps from instrument memory
Average command processing time <50 ms
Programmable voltage and current slew rate allows for 'soft starting' of loads
Internal memory stores up to 10 instrument settings
Control up to 30 power supplies from one PC via the RS485 interface
Remote sense
Timer-controlled output (1 s to 100 hr)
Front to rear airflow allows for efficient cooling in high rack density environments
SCPI-compliant command set
Extensive protection features: OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, foldback protection mode, and key-lock function
Easy to configure master/slave mode for series or parallel connection of up to four units

Areas of Application

Automated Test Equipment (ATE) systems integration
Product design and development
Product Quality Control and burn-in testing
Other applications requiring excellent regulation, high power, low noise and a wide range of voltage and current ratings

Supplied with

User manual, power cord, rackmount kit, test report & certificate of calibration, terminal blocks for output connectors

B&K Precision

Техническая спецификация
pdfInstruction Manual
Выходной ток:
0 → 18A
Количество выходов:
Количество дисплеев:
Максимальная температура:
Минимальная температура:
Мощность номинальная:
1440 (Максимум) Вт
Напряжение выходное:
0 → 80В
Напряжение питания:
100 → 240В перем. тока
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