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XB4BS8444, Schneider Electric Harmony Emergency Button, Turn to Release, Red 40mm Mushroom Head

Номер производителя: XB4BS8444Производитель: Schneider Electric
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5379.50 руб. *

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Schneider Electric Harmony XB4 Series - Emergency Stop Push Button

Introducing the world-class Harmony XB4 series of emergency stop pushbuttons by Schneider Electric. The range of XB4 provides you with an extra safeguard in your working environment. The products within the XB4 series are notably durable and can perform well within various environments.

Features and benefits

• Effortless to use "turn to release" functionality for easy reset once activated
• Chromium plated metal panel with prominent red round push button, easily alerting to the eye
• 2 NC contacts, for simple configuration
• Short-circuit protection using a 10 A cartridge fuse which conforms to EN/IEC 60947-5-1
• Conforming to several industry standards including, EN/IEC 60204-1, 60947-1, 60947-5-1 and more
• Rated NEMA 13 & NEMA 4X, providing additional protection against environmental disturbances such as dust, oil or spraying of water (primarily fit for indoor use)
• The XB4 E-Stop buttons have a mechanical durability of 300000 cycles
• The base unit E-Stop works well in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C
• IP 65, IP 66, IP 67 & IP 69K rated conforming to IEC 60536, further protecting your device from dust ("dust tight rated") and protected against heavy seas or powerful jet washers at 7,000,000 Pa at 55 degrees celsius
• Schneider Green Premium product as standard across the XB6 Emergency Stop Button range
• 18-month manufacturer warranty with Schneider


• Machine, chemical & Marine applications (particularly with water/chemical involvement)
• Service sectors such as restaurants, kitchens, car washes and more

Schneider Electric Emergency Stop Push Button - XB4BS8444

• Forms part of the Harmony XB4 range of products
• Created and designed for emergency switching off and push stop
• Chromium-plated bezel material
• 22mm mounting diameter
• The type of operator is trigger action and mechanical latching
• To reset, turn to release
• 2 NC contact type
• Red 40mm mushroom-shaped profile that is unmarked

Техническая спецификация
pdfHarmony Control and Signaling Guide
IP рейтинг:
IP66, IP67, IP69, IP69K
Вид головки:
Диаметр выреза:
Диаметр головки:
Конфигурация полюса и сброса:
Материал корпуса:
Хромированный металл (Bezel), Zamk (Collar)
Метод сброса:
Turn to Release
Напряжение питания:
600 В
Нормальное состояние конфигурации:
40 x 46.5 x 82.5 мм
Тип монтажа:
Крепление на панель
Ток питания:
6 A при 120 В перем. тока, 10 (Fuse) A
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