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S.161BPB, Facom 1/2 in Ratchet Handle, Square Drive With Ergonomic Handle, Ключ

Номер производителя: S.161BPBПроизводитель: Facom
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Facom S.161BPB 1/2" Drive Socket Wrench

Introducing the Facom S.161 1/2” drive Ratchet, it's a professional socket ratchet that guarantees ease of use with increased torque. Featuring a dust-proof, maintenance free mechanism accompanied with an ultra-compact head. The S.161 ratchet has 72 tooth ratchet construction, which allows for greater speed and efficiency when carrying out tasks. Greater teeth allow for less movement on the return stroke. A 5° angle of engagement, providing smoother operation and functions when access to the fastener is restricted.

The socket wrench has a 1/2 inch drive and generally used with sockets for nuts and bolts, which are capable of applying enough force to undo most nuts on a car. The wrench can easily switch from tightening or loosening through a rotating cap on the head, this allows you to use your palm to press down on the head of the ratchet, reducing the risk of reversing the ratchet. Finished fully polished chrome the wrench has excellent durability and rust resistance. The comfortable and sturdy moulded handle can withstand the majority of industrial solvents and chemicals.

Features and Benefits

• Double seal head for a dust and maintenance free socket wrench

• The socket wrench features an ergonomically designed and sturdy, soft grip handle that guarantees safe and comfortable operation.

• A rotating cap allows for a quick change of direction

• A 1/2-inch drive generally used for loosening standard size nuts and bolts

• Fully polished chrome finish, with rust resistant properties

• Integrated tethering point, for working at height

Typical Applications

Socket Wrenches are a type of wrench or ratchet designed to work with sockets attached to the head of the wrench. Socket wrenches are usually equipped with a ratcheting mechanism allowing for constant work without refitting the wrench after every turn of the bolt. Sockets wrenches and are commonly used by professionals such as car mechanics, engineers, builders and DIY enthusiasts.


What socket size does it work with?

This socket is used with 1/2 inch drive sockets. These can range from deep to shallow sockets for all types of jobs you require.

Техническая спецификация
Внешнее покрытие:
Длина общая:
250 mm
Chrome Vanadium Steel
Размеры устройства:
1/2 in
Тип рукоятки:
Форма привода:
Самовывоз со склада г. Екатеринбурга
ТК Деловые Линии
от 500 руб
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