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45133-0201, Molex 45133 Series Number Wire to Board Cable Assembly 1 Row, 2 Way 1 Row 2 Way, 150mm

Номер производителя: 45133-0201Производитель: Molex
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Molex Ultra-Fit 3.5 mm Wire to Board Cable Assemblies

Wire-to-board cable assemblies terminated either end with an Ultra-Fit 3.5 mm compact power receptacle connector with TPA (Terminal Position Assurance). These Ultra-Fit wire-to-board cable assemblies feature multi-colour cable configurations using UL 1061 discrete wires making them ready to use in electronic appliance applications. Pin to pin mapping from the Ultra-Fit receptacle connector to the Ultra-Fit PCB header provide ready to use plug and play connections.
The Ultra-Fit receptacle connectors feature housings with polarization and keying to prevent misalignment when mating. When the connector is mated a positive locking latch produces an audible click to confirm that a secure connection is made. This positive locking mechanism prevents accidental disengagement of the mated connector due to shock, vibration and wire snags
The terminals of these Ultra-Fit wire-to-board cable assemblies are fully isolated within the housings to prevent arcing and damage to the terminals during handling and mating. The terminal interface has six independent points of contact that offer redundant, secondary paths for improved long-term electrical reliability and performance. These terminals also have an ultra-low mating force to reduce operator fatigue
The receptacle connectors of these Ultra-Fit wire-to-board cable assemblies feature a TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) which ensure the terminal is fully seated in the housing. The TPA reduces terminal back-out due to vibration, shock or wire snags and continues to retain the terminal even if the main retention feature fails.
These Ultra-Fit wire-to-board cable assemblies mate with the Ultra-Fit series 172310, 172286 and 172287 PCB headers.

Features and Benefits

Multi-colour cable configurations for accurate connections
UL 1061 discrete wires ready for use in electronic appliances
Pin-to-pin mapping from receptacle to PCB header
Polarization and keying for accurate mating
Positive locking latches for secure connection
Fully isolated contacts
Terminals with 6 independent points of contact for electrical reliability
Ultra-low mating force
TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) for secure terminal retention


These Ultra-Fit wire-to-board cable assemblies are designed to support prototyping and global production across a wide range of applications.
Data and computing including high-end computing, personal computers and hard/optical disk drives
Consumer and Home Appliances including fitness, home appliances, home entertainment, home office and security, gaming consoles and portable electronic devices
Medical including patient monitors and healthcare IT
These Ultra-Fit wire-to-board cable assemblies are also suitable for use in other markets including industrial equipment, office equipment and military systems

Molex 3.5mm Ultra-Fit™ Power Connectors

Техническая спецификация
pdfUltra-Fit TPA Cable Assemblies - Brochure
pdfUltra-Fit TPA Power Connectors - Brochure
pdfUltra-Fit Wire-to-Board Cable Assembly, 2P, 150mm - Drawing
Диапазон рабочих температур:
-40 → +105 °C
Кабель - длина:
Номинал тока:
14 A
Номинальное напряжение:
300 V
Разъем 1 Клемма/Контакт Род:
Разъем 1 Количество путей:
Разъем 1 Количество строк:
Разъем 1 Корпус Род:
Разъем 2 Клемма/Контакт Род:
Разъем 2 Количество путей:
Разъем 2 Количество строк:
Разъем 2 Корпус Род:
Разъем 2 Тип:
Серийный номер:
Самовывоз со склада г. Екатеринбурга
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