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Power Integrations LNK6776E, AC-DC Converter, 12 V dc 6-Pin, eSIP-7C, Преобразователь

Номер производителя: LNK6776EПроизводитель: Power Integrations
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LinkSwitch-HP series Offline AC-DC Converters

The Power Integrations LinkSwitch-HP family of flyback power supply ICs incorporate a primary side regulated controller and high-voltage power MOSFET in a single package. These devices feature ±5% CV accuracy, selectable current limit, programmable latching or hysteretic over-voltage, under-voltage and over-temperature protection, fast AC reset, and programmable shutdown delay time.
Package options:
• eSIP-7C package for vertical orientation with minimum PCB footprint size and simple heat sink mounting using clip or adhesive pad
• eSOP-12B package for low-profile surface mounted ultra-thin designs with heat transfer to PCB via exposed pad and SOURCE pins; both wave and IR reflow soldering supported
• eDIP-12B package for low-profile through-hole mounted ultra-thin designs with heat transfer to PCB via exposed pad or optional metal heat sink

• Multi-mode control maximizes efficiency over full load range
• No-load consumption below 30 mW at 230 VAC
• >75% efficiency with 1 W input at 230 VAC
• >50% efficiency with 0.1 W input at 230 VAC
• Dramatically simplifies power supply designs
• Eliminates opto-coupler and all secondary control circuitry
• ±5% or better output voltage tolerance
• 132 kHz operation reduces transformer and power supply size
• Compensation over line limits overload power
• Frequency jittering reduces EMI filter cost
• Fully integrated soft-start for minimum start-up stress
• Auto-restart limits power delivery to 3% during overload faults

AC-DC Converters, Power Integrations

Техническая спецификация
pdfLinkSwitch-HP Family Off-Line Switchers
Диапазон входного напряжения:
85 → 265 V ac
Диапазон выходного напряжения:
12 V dc
Диапазон выходного тока:
Maximum of 2.5 A
Диапазон рабочих температур:
-40 → +150 °C
Количество контактов:
Максимальное входное напряжение:
265 V ac
Максимальное выходное напряжение:
12 V dc
Максимальный выходной ток:
Минимальное входное напряжение:
85 V ac
Ограничение тока:
Рабочая температура - максимальная:
+150 °C
Рабочая температура - минимальная:
-40 °C
10.24 x 2.06 x 8.25mm
Тип монтажа:
Through Hole
Тип упаковки:
Типичное напряжение питания:
230 V ac
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