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RS PRO 20VA Isolation Transformer, 380 V ac, 400 V ac, 420 V ac Primary, 230V ac Secondary, Трансформатор

Производитель: RS PRO
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RS Pro Single Phase DIN Rail Isolation Transformer

Brought to you by RS Pro, a range of isolation transformers, performing in a single phase solution. Featuring screw connectors for multiple inputs and including robust brackets for screw and/or DIN Rail fixing. High quality isolation transformers are excellent within various applications. For safety reasons, an earth terminal is provided and the use of rapped primary input windings will ensure smaller voltage variations. Low regulation and highly efficient, these RS Pro transformers are an excellent addition to electrical applications. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

Features and Benefits

• 100% electrical and flash tested
• Various primary voltage ratings, 24V ac secondary rating
• Low noise laminations
• Varnish impregnated
• Temperature class - B
• 20VA power rating

What is an isolation transformer?

Transformers are a common occurrence within most electronic circuits. Isolation transformer units are a significant type of transformer commonly used for safety purposes. They are a vigilant source of protection against electric shocks and minimize electrical noises within sensitive devices.

What are transformers used for?

Transformers are used to increase or decrease voltages within an AC circuit. Transformers are found in almost every electrical environment, but DIN Rail transformers are specifically used within workplaces and industrial environments, similar to power supplies. They are commonly mounted within enclosures and factory assembly lines supporting DIN Rail mounting.

Техническая спецификация
pdfRS Pro DIN Rail Isolation Transformer
Вторичное номинальное напряжение:
230V ac
Максимальная рабочая частота:
Минимальная рабочая частота:
Мощность номинальная:
Первичное номинальное напряжение:
380 V ac, 400 V ac, 420 V ac
Тип монтажа:
DIN Rail Mount, Screw Mount
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