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RS PRO Type K Thermocouple 5m Length, 1/0.2mm Diameter → +260°C, Термопара

Производитель: RS PRO
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RS Pro IEC Type J, K & Type T Fine Wire Exposed Junction Thermocouple and Miniature Plug

From RS Pro a range of Type J, K and Type T fine wire temperature sensing thermocouples that conform to IEC-584-3 standards with a Class 1 tolerance for optimum performance. These Type K and Type T fine wire temperature sensors have a durable Teflon PTFE insulated class 1 twin-twisted 1/0.2 mm lead. The lead is terminated with a rewireable miniature flat pin plug for a quick and easy connection. These thermocouples have an exposed welded junction which enables them to operate with a fast response time.

How does a Thermocouple Work?

A thermocouple is a sensor used to measure temperature in a range of different processes and consists of two wire legs made from different metals joined together at their two ends to form two junctions. The hot, or measuring junction is connected to the body whose temperature is going to be measured. The cold junction or reference junction is connected to a body of known temperature. When the measuring junction is placed on something hot a voltage or potential difference between this and the reference junction occurs. This voltage can then be converted into a temperature measurement using thermocouple reference tables. This process is also known as the Seebeck Effect

What is a Welded Exposed Junction?

An exposed junction is where the thermocouple wires are welded together but not surrounded by the outer sheath. The ends of the wire are directly inserted into the process. This means the thermocouple has a high sensitivity and response time. Welded exposed junctions are more prone to corrosion and are recommended for measuring flowing or static non-corrosive gas temperatures

Features and Benefits

• IEC-584-3 class 1 tolerance for optimum accuracy
• Miniature plug for quick and easy connection
• Exposed welded junction for fast response
• Durable Teflon PTFE insulation for resistance to oils, acids and fluids and good mechanical strength and flexibility
• Temperature range from -75 to +250°C


These Type J, K and Type T fine wire thermocouple temperature sensors are ideal for test and development applications including test and measurement, temperature mapping and OEM applications

Техническая спецификация
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Miniature Plug
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