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128003, Esselte File Storage Box, 345mm x 80mm x 245mm, Коробка для хранения

Номер производителя: 128003Производитель: Esselte
Цена за шт. (норма упаковки 10 шт)
134.40 руб. *
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Цена 134.40 руб.

Срок поставки: 4-6 недель


* Цена с НДС справочная. Возможно ее увеличение на стоимость доставки по России и сертификации.

Esselte Standard File Storage Boxes

Esselte file storage boxes designed for storing files and important documents. These file storage boxes are strong and ready to transport all your important documents. They are made from corrugated board which is 100% recyclable, lightweight and have areas for labelling contents.

Features and Benefits

• Perfect for archiving documents transferred from a Binder
• Stable construction with double-sided walls
• Accommodates the content of commonly used Binder 75/80 mm
• Manual assembly following clear instructions printed on the box
• For A4 papers, A4 folders and foolscap paper
• Perfect height for shelving units, box can be stored horizontally or vertically
• Made from 100% recycled corrugated board, 100% recyclable, FSC certified

Why would you purchase these file storage boxes?

File Storage Boxes designed to create an organised working environment with a range of filing boxes. These file storage boxes are the ideal solution for storing and transporting important documents. Access to files is quick and easy, a vital process for any office or archive depot.

Application Information

Typical applications include office environments, storage depots, banks and medical practices.

Техническая спецификация
Гофрированный картон
Размер хранящейся бумаги:
A4, Foolscap
Самовывоз со склада г. Екатеринбурга
ТК Деловые Линии
от 500 руб
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