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J72-R104RS, RS Pro 4 Piece Engineer's File Set 10 inch, Набор напильников

Номер производителя: J72-R104RS Производитель: RS Pro
Цена за 1 набор
8204.20 руб. *

Срок поставки: 3-5 недель


* Цена с НДС справочная. Возможно ее увеличение на стоимость доставки по России и сертификации.

RS PRO 4 Piece Engineers File Set 10 inch

This durable 4 piece file set from our trusted and reliable own brand RS PRO is an essential hand tool kit for carrying out a range of tasks such as sharpening, deburring and smoothing. The set consists of four different files (hand, flat, half-round and round) suitable for carrying out a range of tasks in a variety of applications. The RS PRO 4 piece 10 inch engineers file set is ideal for filing concave and flat surfaces and has a high removal rate. Each file features an ergonomic soft-grip handle with a hanging hole for enhanced comfort, control and easy storage. The set also comes with a handy carry case for safe storage and protection.

Features and benefits

• Variety of high-quality files suitable for a range of tasks
• Ergonomic handle with soft-grip for consistent control and comfort
• Handy carry case for safe storage
• Made with high-carbon steel
• Double-cut surfaces, edges and tapered to the tip

Common applications

Engineers files are suitable for a range of tasks such as deburring, smoothing, shaping and more. They are ideal for use in applications such as:
• Woodwork
• Metalwork
• Automotive
• Welding
• Industrial

What files are included?

• Hand
• Flat
• Half-round
• Round

What is the coarseness of the files?

The RS PRO 4 piece engineers 10 inch set features files with a second cut coarseness.

What is second cut?

Second cut (also called double cut), refers to the coarseness grade of the cut. A second cut file features two sets of lines that create a cross type pattern, forming the teeth of the file. A second cut features medium weight teeth and is ideal for removing a moderate amount of stock quickly. There is also bastard cut that features coarse teeth and single cut that features fine teeth.

What is the correct technique to use?

Due to the teeth design on files, they are designed to be used with a forward or push stroke, using steady, even and long strokes. Filing too quickly and aggressively can damage the material you're working with.

Are there other sizes available?

RS PRO 4 piece engineer file sets are available in a range of sizes including:
• 4 piece 6 inch engineer file set - 1467305
• 4 piece 8 inch engineer set - 1467306
• 4 piece 10 inch engineer file set - 1467307
• 4 piece 12 inch engineer set - 1467308

Техническая спецификация
pdfRS Pro Tool Kits brochure
pdfRS PRO Datasheet
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