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B3456, Orbitec BA9s Indicator Light, Clear, 24 V, 85 mA, 1000h, Лампа накаливания

Номер производителя: B3456Производитель: Orbitec
Цена за 1 упаковку (10 шт)
1188.48 руб. *
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Цена 1077.12 руб. 954.24 руб. 842.88 руб. 727.68 руб.

Срок поставки: 4-6 недель


* Цена с НДС справочная. Возможно ее увеличение на стоимость доставки по России и сертификации.

BA 9s standard type

The 220 V model is neon, and has in integrated resistor.

Torch Lamps

Filament lamps will perform to specification and give optimum life when: they are powered at the rated voltage from a stabilised 50Hz ac supply; the ambient temperature is in the range +20°C to +25°C; and no mechanical vibration is present.

Deviations from these criteria can have a significant effect on lamp life, particularly with low current filaments (<80 mA).

Operation from a dc. supply at rated voltage can reduce specified life by up to 50%.

The effect of variation from the rated operating voltage should be noted: 5% above will reduce lamp life by up to 50%; and 5% below will significantly increase lamp life.

Current consumption can vary by up to ±10% on stated values at rated supply voltage. Care therefore should be exercised when running a number of lamps in series. In such applications it is recommended that the rated voltage be reduced by 10% to prevent premature failure of individual lamps.

Conversion of light output units: Lumens = MSCP x 12.6, MSCP = Lumens / 12.6.

Техническая спецификация
pdfOrbitec General Lighting Catalogue
28 mm
Номинал тока:
85 mA
Номинальное напряжение:
24 V
Срок службы, часов:
Цвет линзы:
Самовывоз со склада г. Екатеринбурга
ТК Деловые Линии
от 500 руб
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