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RS PRO Ultrasonic Cleaner Basket for 6L Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank

Производитель: RS PRO
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RS PRO Ultrasonic Cleaning Beaker Basket for 6L Tank

Introducing the RS PRO stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning beaker basket for use with ultrasonic cleaning tanks. These durable cleaning baskets are an essential accessory for ultrasonic cleaners, helping to minimise and reduce ultrasonic hot spots whilst cleaning. This RS PRO cleaning beaker basket features convenient handles that help to suspend the basket in the tank, ensuring that items and small parts are lifted from the base of the tank and the transducers of the tank are protected.

These durable baskets help to reduce cavitation and facilitate a gentle cleaning action for delicate items, helping to prolong the life of them and the tank itself and improve the performance. This cleaning beaker basket features two separate sections, allowing you to separate items and two different cleaning solutions. As the cleaning solutions can be placed in the beakers, this allows the tank to be filled with water as this is only used as a medium to allow the ultrasonic waves to pass into the beakers.

Features and benefits

• Can be used with a range of tank sizes, depending on the dimensions
• Durable lightweight design, allowing delicate items to be safely placed inside and cleaned
• Handles to allow the basket to be suspended, helping to protect the transducers of the tank and the items inside
• Allows you to use two beakers with different solutions at the same time
• Helps to facilitate a gentler clean
• Water can be used to accommodate the ultrasonic waves, meaning less cleaning solution is required


Ultrasonic cleaning baskets are the perfect accessory for use with an ultrasonic cleaning tank, allowing you to safely clean, remove grime, grease and corrosion from a variety of items. Ultrasonic cleaning baskets are available in a range of materials and sizes to match the required size tank. Ultrasonic cleaners use ultrasonic vibrations created by high-frequency pressure sound waves to agitate the water or appropriate cleaning solution that cleans the product. Baskets can be inserted and suspended in the cleaning tanks with items placed inside, preventing damage to them and the transducers of the tank. They are commonly used to clean a range of items such as:

• Small electronic and mechanical parts
• Jewellery
• Medical equipment (however, does not sterilise)
• Dentures
• Plastic

Do I need a rack, tray or basket?

Using a tray, rack or basket is highly recommended when using an ultrasonic cleaner as it allows the cleaning process to be carried out to the highest standard, allowing items to be cleaned from all angles.

Should the accessory be suspended?

Where possible, any accessories used with a cleaning tank should be suspended, keeping items from touching the base and ensuring that the transducers are protected as well as the items themselves.

Техническая спецификация
pdfRS PRO Datasheet
pdfRS PRO Ultrasonic Cleaners, Accessories & Solutions Brochure
Для использования с:
6L Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank
315 x 102.3 x 144mm
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Самовывоз со склада г. Екатеринбурга
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