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361X19,5, 3M 361 White Cloth Tape, 19mm x 55m, 0.17mm Thick, Тканевая лента

Номер производителя: 361X19,5Производитель: 3M
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3M™ 361 Glass Cloth Tape

Introducing the 3M™ 361, this is a premium Glass Cloth tape that offers protection to surfaces and materials from high temperatures. Constructed from a woven fibreglass backing incorporates a silicone adhesive, which is great for applications requiring high-temperature applications.

The 361 from 3M™ is a strong and durable tape that is designed to perform at high temperatures. A wide temperature range from -65°C to 232°C makes it suitable for high-temperature applications. On top of that, it can withstand intermittent temperatures of up to 288°C or higher. This is dependant on the type and duration of the heat source.

Features and Benefits

• Protect surfaces and materials from intermittent temperatures up to 288 °C
• Use in aerospace, automotive, military, roofing, specialty vehicles and shipbuilding
• Splice fabrics, sealing panels and use for heavy-duty masking, bundling, holding and harness wrapping
• Can be certified to meet F.A.R. 25.853, flame resistant specification
• Used for permanent sealing of high-temperature ducts or chambers


Cloth-backed tape, often referred to as duct tape or gaffa tape, is highly versatile, with uses in sealing walls in the construction industry, for basic rigging tasks, or for bookbinding and sewing. This type of tape is also sometimes used as masking tapes, and is common around the home, workshop, construction sites or in the garden. This temperature resistant cloth-backed tape is primarily used in the aerospace, automotive, military, roofing, specialty vehicle and shipbuilding industries for fabric splicing, seaming and sealing panels, heavy-duty masking, bundling, holding and harness wrapping.


What is the shelf life of this tape?

These tapes generally have a shelf life of 24 months if stored correctly from the manufacturer's dispatch date.

What is the difference between duct tape, gaffer tape and cloth-backed tape?

The very common and versatile duct tape and gaffa tapes are both types of cloth-backed tape, though they are different in their adhesive and type of backing. Gaffer tape, for example, is a fabric material that is heat resistant and non-reflective with an adhesive that does not leave marks when removed from the surface, and so is suited to temporary applications. As such, it is ideal for theatre and studio applications where subtly, versatility and reliability are needed. Duct tape is a broad term that includes many different steps of material and adhesive, but are typically characterized by a polyethylene film and a rubber-based adhesive. It's strength, cohesion and ability to tear easily means it is suitable for a number of applications where permanence is required.

What are the types of backing materials for cloth tapes?

There are many backing materials available on cloth tapes:

• Fabric/cloth such as cotton is used to improve the tensile strength, heat resistance and electrical resistance. Woven fibres are stronger than non-woven.
• Glass/Fiberglass are reinforced with glass or fibreglass particles. This enhances the heat resistance.
• Plastic/Polymer is protected by a liner in the form of a tape, film or laminate.
• PET/Polyester have a high resistance to solvents and age well.

Why choose 3M?

3M are a trusted name in tapes and adhesives. With a huge range of versatile and specialist tapes, 3M support dozens of industries and applications, from heavy-duty construction to DIY around the home. Whatever your needs, 3M supplies an adhesive tape that won't let you down.

Техническая спецификация
pdf361 Glass Cloth Tape Data Sheet
Клейкое вещество:
Материал подложки:
Glass Cloth
Модель номер:
Предел прочности на разрыв:
Прочность сцепления:
4.2 Н/см
Рабочая температура - максимальная:
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Тип ленты:
Тканевая лента
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