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Aim-TTi TGP110 Pulse Generator 0.1 Hz → 10 MHz

Номер производителя: TGP110 Производитель: Aim-TTi
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Aim-TTi TGP110 Pulse Generator

The TGP110 is a dedicated pulse generator that operates in a quite different way from a function generator. It can generate pulses of a set width regardless of the repetition rate offering duty cycles which can extend down to 1 in 100 million. In addition to continuous operation, single or multiple pulses can be generated in response to trigger or gating signals with precisely defined timing relationships using the delay facility.

0.1Hz to 10MHz frequency range
50ns to 5s pulse width, independent of period
Fully variable pulse delay, 50ns to 5s
Square wave, double pulse and delayed pulses
Free-run, gated and triggered modes
Output variable 0.1V to 10V from 50Ω
Complement switch, TTL and sync outputs

Period Delayed Pulse
Range 100nsec to 10sec (10MHz to 0.1Hz) A pulse is generated after a delay set by the delay controls; the delay is related to rising edge of the trigger signal
Jitter <0.1% Gate/Trig Input
Pulse Width Frequency Range dc - 10MHz
Range 50nsec to 5sec Signal Range TTL threshold; max. input ±10V
Jitter <0.1% Min. Pulse Width >30nsec
Delay 50Ω Output
Range 50nsec to 5sec (plus trigger propagation) Amplitude Two switch selectable range of 0.1V-1.0V and 1V-10V from 50Ω (50mV to 500mV and 500mV to 5V into 50Ω). Adjustable within range by vernier
Run Rise/Fall Times Typically 10nsec into 50Ω load
Normal operational mode in which pulses are generated continuously at 0.1Hz to 10MHz. Aux Output
Triggered Duplicates 50Ω output but at a fixed CMOS/TTL level
Dc to 10MHz pulse train in synchronism with external trigger pulses; pulse width determined by pulse width controls. Trigger can be generated manually from front panel button Sync Output
Gated Amplitude A positive going pulse at CMOS/TTL level
0.1Hz to 10MHz pulse train, parameters set by period and pulse width controls, starts synchronously with leading edge of gate input. Last pulse is completed at the end of gating period. Gating signal can be generated manually from front panel button Timing Leading edge starts >20nsec before the TTL/50Ω output transition
Normal Pulse Duration Typically 30nsec
One pulse is generated each period. The delay setting is ignored Complement Switch
Square Wave Inverts the AUX and 50Ω outputs
0.1Hz to 10MHz square wave, frequency set by the period controls. Pulse width and delay settings ignored. Mark: Space ratio: 1:1±10% General
Double Pulse Power 230V or 115V AC nominal 50/60Hz, adjustable internally
A second pulse is generated after a delay set by the delay controls; the delay is related to the leading edge of the first pulse Safety Complies with EN61010-1
Aim-TTi TGP110 Pulse Generator

Техническая спецификация
pdfTGP110 10MHz pulse generator with delay Data Sheet
pdf10MHz Pulse Generator TGP110

Взлет-Падение Времени:
Входной импеданс:
10 кОм
Максимальная длительность импульса:
Максимальная задержка импульса:
Максимальная частота:
Минимальная длительность импульса:
Минимальная задержка импульса:
Минимальная частота:
0.1 Гц
Модель р:
TGP 110
Рабочая температура - максимальная:
Рабочая температура - минимальная:
230 x 220 x 140мм
Регулируемая амплитуда выходного сигнала:
Delayed, Delayed Pulse, Double Pulse, Gated, Normal Pulse, Run, Square Pulse, Triggered
Тип вилки:
Type C - European Plug, Type G - British 3-pin
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