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59239-4, TE Connectivity CERTI-CRIMP Crimp Tool, PIDG Splices/Terminals, Plasti-Grip Terminals, 16 → 10 AWG Wire Size

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Stock Number: 284-8450
Номер производителя: 59239-4
Производитель: TE Connectivity

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TE Connectivity CERTI-CRIMP Heavy Hand Crimp Tool for PIDG and PLASTI-GRIP Terminals

A range of CERTI-CRIMP top of the line Premium heavy head hand operated crimp tools (HHHT) for crimping PIDG & PLASTI-GRIP terminals on to heavy-gauge wire. These CERTI-CRIMP HHHT premium hand tools are designed to exacting specifications with high-quality materials to produce high-quality consistent terminations.
The CERTI-CRIMP heavy head hand crimping tool includes die configurations and locating and straightening features that allow crimped terminals to meet requirements of applicable TEC application (114-) specifications. CERTI-CRIMP hand crimp tools feature a reliable ratchet control system that remains locked until the handles are fully closed and the dies are bottomed. The bottoming of the dies is essential in preventing partial crimps and to assuring crimp consistency and repeatability. The whole design of the CERTI-CRIMP premium hand tool ensures that the dies are bottomed independent of operator technique, fatigue or tool wear & tear. The handles of the CERTI-CRIMP crimp tool are set to specific pressures according to different crimp force requirements. This ensures that a successful crimp is achieved. The handles of each tool are also color-coded to match the color coding of the product to be crimped.
The CERTI-CRIMP HHHT crimp tool is easy to use and requires minimum operator skill to achieve crimps to a consistent specification time and time again.
Extra features include a contact locator and support, wire stop and insulation crimp height adjustment
Stock number 876-2046 is an adjustment pin for CERTI-CRIMP hand tool stock number 284-8450

Features and BenefitsDesigned to exacting specifications using high-quality materials
Ratchet control to ensure that a full crimp cycle is achieved
Produced under an ISO 9001 certified quality management system
Contact locator and support
Wire stops
Insulation crimp height adjustment
Minimum operator skill required
Life service of over 50000 cycles if maintained
ApplicationsCERTI-CRIMP premium hand crimp tools are used to crimp a wide range of terminals and contacts. Applications include the production of high-quality crimps on low production runs, prototype work and repairs and any application that requires highly reliable and consistent terminations. These CERTI-CRIMP premium hand crimp tools are also suitable for use in most military, UL and CSA applications
BrandTE Connectivity is the pioneer in crimping technology, having developed the technology of hand crimping over 70 years ago. Highly trained engineers and extensive research into crimp tooling technology have enabled TE to lead the way in producing tool frames and die sets that maintain their geometry and repeatedly produce consistent crimps. With this product expertise, use of high-quality materials, manufacturing processes and diverse designs TE has become the leader in crimp quality.

Terminal Data
Terminal Type Insulation Colour Code Wire Type Wire Size Insulation Diameter
PIDG Vinyl and Nylon Terminal amd Splice and PLASTI-GRIP Terminal Yellow Solid or Stranded Copper 12-10 AWG 5.84 - 6.35mm
PIDG Vinyl and Nylon Terminal amd Splice and PLASTI-GRIP Terminal Yelllow with Black Stripes Solid or Stranded Copper 16-14 AWG 5.84 - 6.35mm
PIDG Insulation Restring Nylon Terminal Yelllow with 3 Yellow Stripes Stranded Copper 12 AWG 2.41 - 5.08mm
PIDG Insulation Restring Nylon Terminal Yelllow with 3 Brown Stripes Stranded Copper 10 AWG 3.02 - 5.08mm
PIDG Radiation Resistant Terminal and Splice Natural with Yellow Stripe Stranded Copper 12-10 AWG 6.60mm
PIDG Radiation Resistant Terminal and Splice Natural with Yellow Stripe Stranded Copper 16-14 AWG 6.60mm
Spare Wire Cap 328309 Yellow Stranded Copper 12-10 AWG 5.33mm
TE Connectivity Hand Crimp Tools for PIDG, PLASTI-GRIP & ULTRA-FAST Terminals

Техническая спецификация
pdfCerti-Crimp II SAHT
pdfData Sheet

Максимальный размер провода:
Минимальный размер провода:
Размер провода:
16 → 10 AWG
Тип обжимного инструмента:
Тип обжимного разъема:
PIDG Splices/Terminals, Plasti-Grip Terminals
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