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DELA.1223.02, Facom 250mm Engineer Square

Номер производителя: DELA.1223.02 Производитель: Facom
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Facom DELA.1223 series - Stainless Steel Joiners Squares

Introducing the series of professional Joiners Squares / Engineers Try Squares from Facom. These high-quality 90° squares have been manufactured from the high-strength, hardened stainless steel for long life operation and extreme durability. With anti-reflection coating, deep engravings and anodised aluminium heel, these professional measurement tools are the ideal choices for the most demanding users.

Facom DELA 1223 Joiners Squares / Engineers Squares are available in a selection of sizes:
• Facom (DELA.1223.02) 250mm Engineers Try Square - 3006843
• Facom (DELA.1223.03) 300mm Engineers Try Square - 3006859
• Facom (DELA.1223.04) 400mm Engineers Try Square - 3006865

Features and Benefits:

• 90° Joiners squares / Engineers Try Squares manufactured from high-grade for long-life operation and increased durability
• Precisely grounded to produce parallel edges for increased accuracy
• Available in different size variants
• Anti-reflection coating
• Deep engravings
• Anodise aluminium heel
• Meet Standards: NF E 73-205

Typical Application:

An engineer’s square, also known as a Machinist square, are handheld marking and checking tools used to assess angles and mark straight lines. Made up of two straight pieces (stock & blade) which work together to create a right angle at exactly 90°. The purpose of an engineering square is to check that the angles are correct with whatever project or piece of work you are working on and to mark lines with the angles to make sure everything is correct and inline.
Squares are often used for metalworking tasks as well as DIY and woodworking such as:-
• Sheet metal fabrication
• Blacksmithing
• Carpentry
• Roofing
• General DIY and crafting work

Approvals & Certification:

• NF E 73-205


Are these squares calibrated?
No, the calibration service isn't available for Facom engineer squares. However, the maximum accuracy is ensured by the manufacturer.

What're dimensions?
For full dimensions details of each square, please see below:


NFE 73.205

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