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GG-L31ASC02B051, Altecnic Class A 15L/h Water Meter 3/4 in BSPP Male

Номер производителя: GG-L31ASC02B051Производитель: Altecnic
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Цена 14659.20 руб.

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Altecnic Water Meter

The Altecnic water meter has a flow rate of 15L/h and a thread size of 0.75in. This water meter is ideal for hot water applications and offers a dependable and accurate reading of water consumption. It is ideally suited for use in domestic premises and small commercial buildings. It is also suitable for use with turbid water and in hard water areas, containing higher levels of calcium carbonate. This water meter has white dials with black numerals and red indicators to make reading easier, even when the light conditions are poor.

The impulse emitting device is in the form of a single normally open reed switch which closes momentarily once per litre of water flow. Connections are via a two-core cable coloured brown and white connected internally to the water reed switch

Features and Benefits

Single jet turbine water meter
Dry dial counter
Brass body
Suitable for installation in any orientation
360° rotating dial for easy reading in any position
Dial ranges between 0m3 and 100,000m3


Domestic applications
Irrigation systems
Public water distribution
Water leakage inspection
Hydropower plants
Measuring water consumption


ISO 4064 certified
EC75/33 Class A/B
BSEN 14154
OIML R49/200

Техническая спецификация
pdfPulsed output single jet water meters (USLC and DALC models)
pdfUSF Water Meter Data Sheet
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3/4 in BSPP Male
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