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23ZR, Record Bench Vice x 85mm 110mm x 165mm, 28kg, Тиски

Номер производителя: 23ZRПроизводитель: Record
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Irwin Record Heavy-Duty Workshop Vice with Quick-Release Mechanism

Introducing the heavy-duty, professional Bench Vice from IRWIN Record. This vice features robust and rigid design and has been manufactured from a combination of grained grey iron and high-quality, hardened steel. The IRWIN Bench Vice also features a quick-release mechanism for comfort and ease of use. It's is an ideal tool for every professional or DIY enthusiast requiring a compact multi-purpose vice with superior clamping force, the safety of use and robust construction.

Features and Benefits:

• Compact heavy-duty workshop vice
• Suitable for use by both the amateur and professional craftsman
• Quick-release mechanism for rapid slide adjustment
• Body made from grade 14 cast iron, finished in blue enamel
• Single start thread gives greater leverage and force than twin start types
• Jaws with fine cut serrations for better grip on rounded workpieces
• Machined anvil and replaceable steel jaw plates and soft covers
• The body and sliding jaw are made from close-grained grey iron which is machined on all friction surfaces for a smooth reliable action
• A safety stop prevents the slide from being accidentally separated from the body

Typical Application:

Bench and Hand Vices are mechanical tools designed to clamp or retain a workpiece allowing work to be securely performed on it. Vices are commonly used as portable or anchored tools in workshops of all sorts by professionals such as electricians, plumbers, pipefitters carpenters, car mechanics, engineers and serious DIY enthusiasts.


How wide vice's jaws open?
The distance between the jaws can be adjusted from 0 to 165 mm.

Is this vice good for woodworking?
This Vice is ideal for woodworking, metalworking or any other professional applications thanks to precise clamping control and compact size.

What is the distance between fixing holes?
The distance between centres of front fixing-holes is 143mm and the distance from mid-point between front fixing-hole centres to the centre of rear fixing-hole is 213mm.

What’s the maximum bolt size I can use to anchor the vice to the table?
The fixing hole diameter is 16mm so M16 bolt size will be ideal to mount this vice to a workbench.

Техническая спецификация
Vice Type:
Bench Vice
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Самовывоз со склада г. Екатеринбурга
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