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101384 & SDAINLM45(400V50HZ), Eaton 22 kW Contactor, Контактор

Номер производителя: 101384 & SDAINLM45(400V50HZ)Производитель: Eaton
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EATON Open Chassis Star Delta Starters

Eaton's range of open chassis Star Delta starters are designed for use within customised enclosures, enabling quick and easy installation and direct mounting onto 35mm DIN rail.

Manufactured using readily available Eaton components which conform to the latest IEC 947 standards, this motor starter is pre-wired to accept the Eaton Z00 or ZB thermal overloads which offer single phasing sensitivity to IEC 947-4.

Eaton's range of Star Delta Open Chassis starters comprise of a main, delta and star contactors, Star Delta timer (adjustable between 0 and 30 seconds) and circuit diagram.

Features & Benefits:

• Suitable for motors with efficiency class IE3
• Manufacturer part numbers beginning with SDAINL00AM, 0M, 0AM, 1M, M12, M16, M22 use ZB12 overloads (typical example stock no. 493-1239)
• Manufacturer part numbers beginning with SDAINLM30, M45 and M55 use ZB32 overloads (typical example stock no. 493-1245)
• The device has an IP20 degree of protection, this means that the device is protected against solid objects up to 12 mm, for example, a person's finger. This ingress protection also means that the starter has no protection against liquidsOperating temperature range -25 to +40°C
• 7.5kW (SDAINL00AM) = H77 x W162 x D112mm
• 12.5kW & 18.5kW (SDAINL0M & SDAINL0AM) = H91 x W162 x D117mm
• 22kW (SDAINL1M) = H98 x W188 x D135mm
• 5.5 to 11kW (SDAINLM12 to SDAINLM22) = H68 x W158 x D125.2mm
• 15, 22 & 30kW (SDAINLM30 to SDAINLM55) = H85 x W158 x D147.3mm
• Overload relay is not supplied and must be ordered separately

Note: FLC figures quoted are maximum. The overload specified has been determined by applying the following formula: 0.58 x motor FLC. Allow additional clearance dimensions for the wiring bar above and below the starter.

How Does a Star Delta Starter Work?

A star delta starter is a reduced voltage motor starter and is designed to control a three-phase induction motor by reducing the starting current. Typically having a third of the inrush current compared to a DOL starter. The windings in this starter are switched between a star connection during the starting period and a delta connection once the motor reaches the required speed. A star delta power circuit will have a contactor configuration within the relay of triple pole (star) and double-throw (delta).

Техническая спецификация
Количество полюсов:
Мощность номинальная:
22 kW
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