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XPEZ901, Schneider Electric Foot Switch Guard Cover for Foot Switch, Кожух

Номер производителя: XPEZ901Производитель: Schneider Electric
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18432.00 руб. *

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Schneider Electric Footswitches - XPE Range

A wide range of metal housed footswitches brought to you from Schneider Electric, ensuring you start on the right foot! They are available with or without a protective guard cover. The guarded cover types are strongly recommended in high-risk areas where accidental starting of a machine, either by human action or falling objects could occur.

• Large surface area of pedal assures stability of foot and provides operator comfort
• High and wide protective cover accommodates large sizes and safety boots
• Can be fixed to the floor or on a support for improved stability
• Approvals - U/CSA
• Schneider Electrics XPE range of industrial footswitches are robust
• A great feature of this range of foot switches is that they allow the operator greater freedom of movement
• Available with or without trigger mechanism in 1 or 2 step configurations
• The trigger mechanism types of footswitch enable locking of the pedal in rest position, positive action is required before the pedal can be depressed
• Footswitches within the XPE range that feature 2-step contact operation are ideal for applications involving 2-speed machines
• The first step (6mm travel) operates one set of NC + NO contacts before the second step operates the other NC + NO contacts during full actuator travel (12mm)

Техническая спецификация
Для использования с:
Ножной выключатель
Harmony XPE
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Самовывоз со склада г. Екатеринбурга
ТК Деловые Линии
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