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130167, TE Connectivity PIDG Series Tin Plated Crimp Ring Terminal, M5 Stud Size, 12 → 10 AWG, Yellow

Номер производителя: 130167 Производитель: TE Connectivity
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TE Connectivity PIDG Ring Tongue Wire Crimp Terminals

PIDG (Pre-Insulated Diamond Grip) ring tongue wire crimp terminals designed for uniform reliability in the most difficult circuit environments. These PIDG ring tongue terminals consist of a precision-formed high conductivity copper body and barrel. The wire barrel is surrounded with both a copper and nylon colour coded sleeve. The copper sleeve surrounding the barrel provides improved wire insulation support after crimping allowing the wire to bend without fraying the insulation or breaking the conductor. The nylon sleeves are colour coded according to wire-size to assist with identification. Inside the PIDG ring terminal wire barrel are serrations which provide maximum contact and tensile strength after crimping. The construction of these PIDG terminals and the use of specialised tool dies allows for uniform insulation thickness under crimping pressure. This pressure is then transmitted evenly to the centre of the crimping area to produce a uniform and reliable crimp. These PIDG ring terminals also feature a funnelled wire entry which prevents turned back wire strands and allows fast wire insertion during high-speed production. Available with various wire, barrel and stud sizes, these PIDG ring terminals offer a versatile solution to a wide range of wiring applications

Features and BenefitsHigh conductivity copper body
Copper sleeve for improved wire insulation support
Serrations in wire barrel for maximum contact and tensile strength
Colour coded sleeves for easy wire size and tooling identification
Funnelled wire entry for easy wire insertion
Designed enables a reliable and uniform crimp
ApplicationThese PIDG wire terminals are suitable for use in a wide range of applications with many terminals meeting or exceeding the requirements of MIL-T-7928, Type II, Class 1 and 2. Applications include instruments/control, lighting, power supplies, panel boxes, transportation, lifting equipment, motors, aerospace and appliances.


UL recognised (Approvals only apply to the packs of 100, and only for those terminals marked with an asterisk).

TE Connectivity PIDG Terminals
Voltage Rating 0-1000Vrms (application specific)
Terminal Material High grade copper
Insulation Polyamide
Conversion Table
0.33mm² to 0.82mm² 22 - 18awg
1.31mm² to 2.08mm² 16 - 14awg
3.31mm² to 5.26mm² 12 - 10awg
Technical specifications
Rated voltage 0–1000 Veff (according to use)
Cable terminal material Extra pure copper
Isolation Polamide
Cable Size CSA awg

Техническая спецификация
pdfCrimp,ring tongue,PIDG,10-12awg,27.69mm

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