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RS Pro PVC Tool Wallet 200mm x 120 x 50mm (Closed)

Номер производителя: RMT0029 Производитель: RS Pro
Цена за шт.
1193.40 руб. *

Срок поставки: 3-5 недель


* Цена с НДС справочная. Возможно ее увеличение на стоимость доставки по России и сертификации.

RS PRO Soft PVC Tool Wallet

Introducing the RS PRO PVC Tool Wallet. This high-quality soft pouch is a versatile accessory to any existing tool kit, featuring a simple zip-up design and offering a compact and secure storage solution for your most essential tools. This tool wallet enables portability of a variety of tools that may require several accessories and allows them to be kept together securely, especially when working onsite, where tools can easily get lost. This RS PRO tool wallet also features a handy button loop that can be used to securely attach the wallet to a tool belt whilst at work, allowing even more convenient access to the tools stored within.

Features and Benefits:

• This tool wallet is made from a soft, but hard-wearing PVC material that’s waterproof and allows extra durability against the elements and other worksite conditions whilst in use
• This case can accommodate most hand-held tools, fixings or fasteners that fit within the size parameters of the case
• Zipped on all three sides for secure storage of tools, allowing none to be able to fall out
• The wallet is also padded for extra protection and safe transportation of the tools or items stored within the case
• Padded and reinforced PVC, conveniently sized for keeping in a workbench drawer and tool case
• The button leather strap allows the user to attach the wallet to a tool belt for convenient access

This RS PRO tool wallet is available in sizes:
• 707-7316 – 105 x 200 x 50mm
• 707-7319 - 200 x 120 x 50mm
• 707-7322 - 225 x 175 x 75mm


A tool wallet is a highly versatile way of keeping smaller essential tools to hand. They can come in many different styles, sizes and formats to accommodate the application they will be used for and the types of tools or fasteners they will be storing. It is an ideal accessory for someone who uses a variety of tools to allow safe storage and increase portability, especially when working on-site or where using a toolbox is difficult to access. This high-quality tool case might be used by:
• Electricians
• Technicians
• Maintenance engineers
• DIY Enthusiasts

Техническая спецификация
pdfRS Pro Datasheet
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