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Aim-TTi Iprober520 Current Probe & Clamp

Номер производителя: Iprober520 Производитель: Aim-TTi
Цена за шт.
100572.00 руб. *

Срок поставки: 3-5 недель


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Aim-TTI I-prober 520 Positional Current Probe

The Aim-TTI I-prober 520 positional current probe has a current rating of 20A. It can observe and measure currents in PCB tracks and other conductors where conventional current probes cannot be used. This includes captive wires into components, the legs of integrated circuits, and PCB ground planes. Conventionally, you can only measure the current by either breaking the circuit to insert a shunt resistor or by surrounding the conductor by a loop of magnetic material as in a standard current probe. It enables currents, from DC up to 5MHz, and lets you observe and measure simply by placing its insulated tip onto the conductor.
Supplied with:
Control box, power supply, toroid assembly, fitted carrying case, and an operator's manual

Features and Benefits

Current measurement from isolated probing of conductor
Patented micro fluxgate magnetometer technology
Wide bandwidth of DC to 5MHz
Low noise equivalent to less than 6mA rms
Suitable for connection to any 1M input oscilloscope
High accuracy general purpose H-field probe
Convertible into closed magnetic circuit current probe


High voltage conductors
High-temperature areas
Confined and difficult to access spaces


300V Cat II safety rated

Техническая спецификация
Категория безопасности:
CAT II 300 В
Категория безопасности напряжения:
Категория безопасности уровня:
Модель р:
I-prober 520
Наилучшая точность:
±3 %
Полоса - ширина:
DC to 2 Гц, DC to 5 МГц, DC to 500 кГц
Тип зонда:
PCB Track Touch & Measure
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