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Aim-TTi Iprober520 Current Probe & Clamp

Номер производителя: Iprober520 Производитель: Aim-TTi
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Aim I-prober 520 PCB Track “Positional” Current Probe

The I-Prober 520 is a unique current measurement device. Measurement of current normally requires it to be passed through a closed magnetic loop, typically using a split clamp device. Whereas this is suitable for individual wires, it is of no use for measuring current in PCB tracks. The I-Prober 520 uses positional H-field measurement. By placing the insulated tip of the probe onto a PCB track, the current flowing in the track can be observed and measured. The I-Prober 520 is supplied with a clip-on toroid assembly which converts it into a closed magnetic circuit probe for measuring current within a wire.

Current measurement from isolated probing of conductor
Patented Micro Fluxgate Magnetometer technology
Wide dynamic range of 10mA to 20A peak to peak
Wide bandwidth of DC to 5MHz
Low noise equivalent to <6mA rms
Designed to meet safety requirements to 300V Cat II
Suitable for connection to any 1M input oscilloscope
High accuracy general purpose H-field probe
Convertible into ’closed magnetic circuit’ current probe

Technical specification
Dynamic Characteristics
Bandwidth DC to 5MHz (small signal)
Pulse Rise Time <70ns
Propagation Delay <60ns
Pulse Aberrations <±5% (<1% at lower bandwidth settings)
Slew Rate 15A/us (equivalent)
Noise (equivalent in toroid) 6mA rms full bandwidth or 1.5mA rms at minimum bandwidth setting
Filter Settings Full bandwidth, 500kHz or 2Hz
PCB Track Mode
Scaling (with control adjusted to suit track width) 1 Amp per Volt for track widths 0.2mm to 3.5mm (0.007” to 0.14”) or 2 Amp per Volt for track widths 3mm to 6.5mm (0.125” to 0.25”)
Wire Mode Using clip-on torroid attachment supplied
Current Range ±10mA to ±10A (DC + peak)
Accuracy and Linearity ±5%
Scaling Factor 1 Amp per output Volt
Maximum Wire Diameter 3.5mm (unbroken) or 6mm (end fed)
Field Probe Mode
Scaling Factor 250μT (or 200A/m) per output Volt
Accuracy and Linearity ±3%
Maximum Field ±2.5mT (2000A/m)
Power Supply Voltage 5.2V DC from supplied AC line adaptor, 100V to 240V nominal 50/60Hz
Maximum Output Voltage ±10V, corresponding to ±2•5mT (field measurement) or ±10A (wire)
Maximum Bare Wire or Track Voltage 300Vrms CAT II (circuits connected directly to the low voltage mains) or 600Vrms CAT I (circuits not connected directly to the low voltage mains)
Maximum Track Temperature Probe tip maximum working temperature is 150ºC
Cable Length 2m from probe tip to output BNC
Approvals Complies with EN61010-1 (Safety) and EN61326 (EMC)
Size 155 x 28 x 38 mm (Probe Only), 2.8mm x 1.8mm at Tip
Supplied with

Control box, power supply, toroid assembly, fitted carrying case, operator's manual

Current Probes

Техническая спецификация

Категория безопасности:
CAT II 300 В
Категория безопасности напряжения:
Категория безопасности уровня:
Модель р:
I-prober 520
Наилучшая точность:
±3 %
Полоса - ширина:
DC to 2 Гц, DC to 5 МГц, DC to 500 кГц
Тип зонда:
PCB Track Touch & Measure
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