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RS PRO Black/Blue High Flow Water Filter Housing, 1in, BSP, 8 bar, Корпус

Производитель: RS PRO
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RS PRO CALMAX High-Flow Water Filter Housing Kit

Introducing the RS PRO DWFK-CALMAX water filter housing kit an ideal way to introduce fresh quality tasting drinking water to everyday life, removing murky looking and poor tasting water. Even tap water that is safe to drink can contain particles and contaminants. The unit is a one off investment as you can buy replacement cartridges that is easily removable from the water filter housing unit. To be used with a 10” high flow filter cartridge – see 738-2703 or 738-2706.

Typical users of the heavier housing unit are farms, offices & factories.

How it works?

Water from the mains is connected to the inlet port of the housing and then directed down through a cartridge (not included). This process eliminates the unwanted particles. The water then flows up the centre of the cartridge, and through the outlet. Fit on cold water lines only and in accordance with the local water bylaws and regulations. Protect from freezing. Unit is best installed on the rising main after the stop cock.


- Standard height: 350mm
- Standard diameter: 182mm
- Inlet & outlet: 1” female.
- Max working pressure: 8 bar

Contents included in kit:

- Fixing bracket.
- Housing spanner.
- Built in pressure relief valve.
- 1in Fittings x 2.
- Free reminder card service for replacement cartridge intervals.
- Lifetime Guarantee registration card

Техническая спецификация
pdfInstallation Instruction Manual
pdfRS Pro Datasheet
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