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227223-1, TE Connectivity 227223 Series Natural Insulating Bushing for BNC, RF Connectors

Номер производителя: 227223-1 Производитель: TE Connectivity
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TE Connectivity BNC Connector Accessories

A range of accessories including bushings, crimp tools and lockwashers for use with BNC RF coaxial connectors. Please see additional data table for details.

Additional Data
Stock Number Manufacturer Part Number Description Application
782-7596 227223-1 Insulating bushing made from natural coloured nylon with an outside diameter of 14.86mm BNC Connector
821-9081 222163-1 Insulating bushing made fom natural coloured polypropylene with an outside diameter of 14.61mm For use with stock number 713-0842
787-1622 330620 Panel insulating bushing Bulkhead jacks with 17.45mm diameter
782-7760 91901-1 SDE Die Set For use with Pro-Crimper III hand tool 849-114
782-7773 58477-1 BNC Tool Kit with PRO-CRIMPER II Hand Tool Contains 5 plugs for RG58, 10 plugs for RG59/62, 5 plugs for RG58 plenum, 5 plugs for RG59/62 plenum, 2 jack-to-jack adapters and 2 “T” adapters.
821-2545 9-227260-0 Lockwasher terminal, tin plated BNC Connector
TE Connectivity BNC RF Coaxial Connectors TE Connectivity Nickel plated ZDC

The TE Connectivity ZDC range offers quality cost-effective solutions for commercial applications by the use of precision die-cast components, and thermoplastic dielectrics. Available in BNC interfaces and a variety of styles, the range offers economy and reliability.,The connector interfaces are fully compatible with the requirements of MIL-C-39012 and MIL STD348A, and are therefore fully intermateable with products manufactured to these specifications.,Available in a range of cable mounted plugs and jacks, bulkhead and PCB sockets, the TE Connectivity ZDC range offers a comprehensive choice of solutions for cost demanding applications. The crimp connectors utilise standard Hexagonal crimp tools and die-sets avoiding costly retooling.

Nominal impedance 50Ω and 75Ω
Working Voltage 500Vrms
Contact resistance 1.5mΩ max
Insulation resistance(initial) 5000MΩ min
Dielectric withstand voltage 1500Vrms(sea level)
Frequency Range 0 to 4GHz(50Ω) 0-2GHz(75Ω)
0.2GHz Straight 1.15 max
2.6GHz Straight 1.30 max
Durability(cycles) 50
Temperature range -55°C to +85°C
Body material Zinc
Body plating Nickel
Male contact material Brass
Female contact material Brass
Contact plating Gold
Insulation Delrin or Polyethylene

Техническая спецификация
pdfBNC Connectors 50 Ohm Data Sheet

Серийный номер:
Insulating Bushing
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