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RS PRO Access Control Door Magnet, 2000N Holding Force 24V dc, Магнит

Производитель: RS PRO
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RS PRO Electro-Holding Magnets

A range of RS PRO electro-holding magnets. An electrical current is required to turn the magnet on and power is removed to turn the magnet off. Applications may feature security doors, laboratories, or any other environment where remote door operation is needed via door magnets.

Options available:

785-8519 - 20 mm Dia. 12 V Electro Holding Magnet, 53N
785-8512 - 20 mm Dia. 24 V Electro Holding Magnet, 53N
791-7558 - 80 mm Dia. 12 V Electro Holding Magnet, 2000N
791-7567 - 80 mm Dia. 24 V Electro Holding Magnet, 2000N
121-9828 - 100 mm Dia. 12 V Electro magnet, 3600N
121-9829 - 100 mm Dia. 24 V Electro magnet, 3600N

Features include:

  • 12 V dc or 24 V dc operating voltage

  • Free leads, two-pole connector, Hirschman connector

  • Threaded hole/s in rear face of magnet

  • Bright nickel plated with machined face

  • IP54 rating

Ideal for use in:

Machine tools
Door locking / holding
Feeder mechanisms
Short stroke / high force operations
Textile machinery
Office machines
Grill locking
Packaging machinery
Remote hold / release

Typical Applications

Access control door magnets can be used across various domestic and commercial applications and offer solutions where a high security level is required. In some environments doors are required to be held open under normal conditions and them automatically released in the event of fire alarms and evacuation. Door magnets ensure that doors close automatically and are securely closed. Magnetic door holders are suitable for a range of applications, such as schools, nursing homes, and hospitals, to form part of a high-quality security system.


How to install a door magnet?
Generally, the electromagnet is attached to the door frame, whilst an armature plate is attached to the door itself. Occasionally brackets may be needed to ensure the magnet is in the correct position for contact with the plate. To achieve the optimal pull force of 100%, a contact area must be achieved using the recommended armature plates.

Where would an access control door magnet be useful?

  • Professionals and individuals intending to increase the safety of their property

  • Essential for where a door must close automatically in the event of an emergency, for example in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and industrial premises

  • Industrial automation and fire safety, for example locking doors in the event of fire alarms

Техническая спецификация
pdfRS Pro Datasheet
10 mm
Напряжение питания:
24V dc
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