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Osram ST111LL, Glow Lighting Starter, 65 W, 220 to 240 V, 40.3 mm length , 21.5mm Diameter, Стартер

Номер производителя: ST111LLПроизводитель: Osram
Цена за шт.
136.32 руб. *

Срок поставки: 4-6 недель


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OSRAM ST111/ST151/ST171 Starters

Introducing the ST111/ST151/ST171 series of fluorescent tube lamps starters from OSRAM. These high-quality devices have been designed to ignite every time, reliably and quickly. Each starter is a subject to strict manufacturing and quality control tests. Thanks to using the excellent quality components, these starters ensure long-life operation of up to 4 years and extend the lamp life by 20%. The case is made of Makrolon (self-extinguishing plastic) and meet the conditions laid down for protection class II.

Features and Benefits:

• DEOS® ST 171 SAFETY, DEOS® ST 172 SAFETY and DEOS® ST 173 SAFETY are safety starters
• DEOS® ST 172 SAFETY is a safety starter for series circuits (tandem circuits)
• DEOS® ST 171 SAFETY, DEOS® ST 172 SAFETY and DEOS® ST 173 SAFETY are designed to operate with conventional control gear (CCG) and low-loss gear (LLG)
• They reliably disconnect burnt-out or faulty lamps under inductive or capacitive operating conditions
• They are instantly ready for operation when the red button is pressed in (there must be an audible click)
• The automatic cutout circuit protects the choke and the starter itself
• Four times the life of conventional starters
• To ensure reliable ignition and operation the DEOS® ST should be replaced after every four lamp replacements.
• Temperature range for reliable cutout: -20°C…+80°C
• Extends the lamp life by 20%
• Self-extinguishing plastic casing made of Makrolon. Class V2
• Equipped with special radio-interference suppression capacitor (foil winding capacitor)
• Suitable for 220V-240V AC operation. 50/60 Hz, series circuit and single circuit 4W ...22W at 110V/127V

NOTE: To ensure reliable ignition we recommend that you also replace the starter when you replace the lamp. Starters cannot be used for OSRAM DULUX S/E, D/E, T/E or T/E IN lamps.

Approvals and Certification:

• Protection Class II

Typical Applications:

Lighting starters, also known as glow tube starters or tube light starters are devices designed to preheat the electrodes of fluorescent lamps and generate an ignition pulse. Fluorescent starters are an integral element of every fluorescent lighting set.


Can Fluorescent Lamps work without a starter?
No, Fluorescent lamps cannot work without a starter. A starter is required to generate an ignition pulse. Once that process is initiated, the ballast takes over providing sufficient voltage and regulating the current.

My brand new lamp fails to ignite but the starter switches without interruption. What causes the problem?
The lamp you installed probably doesn't ignite because of its wrong voltage. Please, check the lamp and replace with the correct voltage one if necessary. Also, if possible replace the starter.

Non-Series starter is rated at 230 V ac

Техническая спецификация
40.3 mm
Количество ламп:
Количество штырьков:
65 W
Номинальное напряжение:
220 to 240 V
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