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XVES050900, Reliance Water Controls Stainless Steel Stopcock, 1/2in, Запорный кран

Номер производителя: XVES050900Производитель: Reliance Water Controls
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Potable Water Shock Arrestor

Potable water shock arrestors are designed to prevent water hammer. Water hammer is caused by shock waves running through the water system which create noise or in severe cases pipe movement within a system, reverberations are a series of shock waves in quick succession. The pressure wave in such circumstances can be up to three times greater than the standing pressure. Water hammer occurs when the flow rate is suddenly changed.
The solution is to fit a shock arrestor directly before the affected fitting. The shock arrestor is a mini expansion vessel, which works by absorbing the shock wave from the fitting so it does not travel through the system and cause a noise, the closer the shock arrestor is installed to the fitting the better

Maximum temperature: 99゚C
Minimum temperature: -10゚C
Pre-set Pressure: 5 bar
Maximum working pressure: 15 bar
Stainless Steel Flange
Dimensions: 105 (H) x 65 diameter


WRAS Approved

Expansion Vessels

Техническая спецификация
pdfPotable Water Shock Arrestor Data Sheet
Давление рабочее:
Диапазон рабочих температур:
-10 → +99 °C
Для использования с:
Cold Water, Hot Water
Корпус - материал:
Нержавеющая сталь
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1/2 in BSP Male
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