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Parker Steel Zinc Plated Hydraulic Elbow Threaded Adapter, 8ENMK4S, G 1/2 Male G 1/2 Male, Переходник

Номер производителя: 8ENMK4SПроизводитель: Parker
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3093.12 руб. *

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Union Elbow

Equal 90° parallel thread male elbow joint.
Parkers K series adapters are manufactured to meet BS5200 standards and designed to seal with BSP
Hose swivel connectors. Parkers K4 adapter series can be used with Parker D9/92, B1, B2 and B4 adapters. Straight fittings can also be used an adaptor with ISO 1179-1 / DIN 3852 ports by using a bonded seal.


K4 adapters are not interchangeable with JIS P4 fittings.


Hydraulic systems can work at high pressures, and fittings and adaptors can be subjected to extreme loadings such as vibration and uncontrolled pressure peaks. When choosing fittings or adaptors careful attention should be given to the technical specifications.

Elbow & Tee Adaptors

BSP parallel threaded adaptors. Manufactured from steel to BS5200 with a zinc yellow chromated finish to give a high corrosion resistance (500 hours in salt spray test). All adaptors have a working temperature range -40 to +120°C.,The 60° female cone makes these adaptors an ideal port fitting for use with our range of BSP reusable fittings and crimped hose assemblies.

Техническая спецификация
pdfK4 BSP Adapters Data Sheet
Внешнее покрытие:
Давление - максимальное рабочее:
350 бар
Разъем A:
G 1/2 Male
Разъем A - Стандарт резьбы:
Разъем A - Тип:
Разъем B:
G 1/2 Male
Разъем B - Стандарт резьбы:
Разъем B - Тип:
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