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01873.0-30, STEGO Filter Fan257 x 257mm Face Dimensions, 271m³/h, AC Operation, 230 V ac, IP54, Вентилятор

Номер производителя: 01873.0-30Производитель: STEGO
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Stego Filter Fans Plus, FPI/FPO Series

The Filter Fan Plus series has been designed to optimise climate efficiency within enclosures and cabinets containing electronic/electrical components. The electronic components generate heat and these units disperse that heat with cooler, filtered air from outside the enclosure. Reducing the heat inside the enclosure improves performance and reliability of the electronic items and ultimately costs are kept lower.


To choose which items are best for your application first decide which you need, FPI or FPO. Both systems utilise a new air-flap on the outlet which gives a higher degree of airflow to expel heated air more efficiently.

The FPI system is for your more standard set-ups. A filtered fan is placed at the lower part of the enclosure pulling cooler air in. The air works its way up through the enclosure until it is expelled through the air-flap outlet mounted at the top end of the enclosure.

The FPO system has a filtered inlet placed at the lower end of the enclosure but does not include the fan. Instead the fan is placed on the outlet pushing air out of the enclosure which ultimately means the air is drawn in from the lower intake. This system is better for enclosures suffering from hot air pockets at the top of the enclosure.


Please note when ordering you need to order the inlet and outlet units separately. As an example, for a 230 V ac, 92 mm, FPI system you need to order item 915-9987 (filter fan inlet) and item 916-0019 (outlet). Various sizes are available and each unit has its compatible partner listed in essential accessories for that size. Each size also has a 230 V ac and a 110 V ac fan to choose from.


The front section mounts to the rear section with a simple ratchet type system making instillation quick and simple. It accommodates various panel thicknesses and can easily be released if necessary.


New air-flap outlet technology for high airflow
Easy Mounting
Protection type test/Environmental rating by independent testing institutes (VDE and UL)
Two systems for optimal airflow (FPI/FPO)
Standard enclosure cut-out sizes (5 sizes)
Filter mat included with the FPI system filter fan and FPO intake filter.

Техническая спецификация
pdfFPI/FPO Filter Fan 223x223mm Datasheet
pdfSystem Drawings
Входной ток:
Лицевая высота:
Лицевые размеры:
257 x 257mm
Монтажная глубина:
Напряжение питания:
230 V ac
Операции переменного или постоянного тока:
Рейтинг входной мощности:
Свободный поток воздуха:
Filter Fan Plus FPI
Специальные функции:
Easy Mounting, New Air Flap Outlet Technology for High Airflow, One Filter Mat, Ratchet Mechanism is Used for Mounting and Provides High Stability and Tightness
Степень защиты IP:
Тип выводов:
Тип подшипника:
Уровень шума:
Фильтрация воздушного потока:
Ширина рабочей поверхности:
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